What are the benefits of Jackfruit flour?

What are the benefits of Jackfruit flour?

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Jack fruit flour is one of the most searched products now days over the internet.  Jackfruit powder has gained a lot of attention these days from the media and also the health enthusiasts across the globe.

Jackfruit flour benefits are many. It is now one of the top products sought for weight loss and diabetics control. Jackfruit has a lot of vitamins and minerals namely vitamin C, iron, potassium, etc which naturally substitutes for the nutrient deficiency happening in our body. It also has high fiber content which slows down the sugar release into the blood there by controlling the sugar level in our blood. The high fiber content in jackfruit also improves the digestion and metabolism of the body helping in weight loss.

How is jackfruit flour made?

This is a common question in the minds of many people. Jackfruit is a scaly green fruit known to all and the whole of jackfruit is not consumable. Only the inner fruit pods of jackfruit are consumed. If you are wondering what jack fruit pods are, well they below pics and description will make it clearer for you.


Picture 1 – A picture of jackfruit you commonly see


Picture 2 – A cut open section of jackfruit


Picture 3 – The parts of the jackfruit separated


Picture 4 – Pure Jackfruit flour made from Jackfruit pods

Jackfruit flour or powder is also known as jackfruit atta in some part of the country. It is not consumed directly but is mixed with other common flours like rice, wheat, etc to enhance the taste. It is also an active ingredient in several health or protein mixes for its high nutritional content.

What is Green jackfruit flour?

Well, like mango both ripe and green jackfruits are edible and are used for different purposes.

Ripe jackfruit one is consumed as it is for its sweetness as a fruit and is also processed and preserved for future use by making sweet dishes like jackfruit halwa or jackfruit varatty.

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Green jackfruit pods are used mainly for cooking for its meaty like texture in many cuisines across India, especially in the southern state of Kerala.

It is the green jackfruit pods that are commonly used for making the jackfruit flour or jackfruit powder. Any jackfruit flour available in the market is always green jackfruit flour.

What is the ideal jackfruit flour price?

Jackfruit flour of different price ranges are available in the market. Some are costly while others are really cheap. Well the fact is that good quality jackfruit flour comes at a high price just because only jackfruit pods alone will be used in manufacturing them. The cheaper jackfruit flour available online or in the market may not be jackfruit pods alone and can be a mix of jackfruit seeds, seed cases and rags with jackfruit pods to bring down the cost. This may not have the actual nutritional facts as that of jackfruit pods alone flour or powder.

So, choosing a jackfruit flour based on price alone may not be a good decision when it comes to the quality of the product. There are some companies offering good quality Jackfruit flour and also jackfruit seed flour separately online.

Jackfruit seed flour may not have the nutritional benefits like jackfruit pod flour. But it has its own taste / culinary benefits and is used in mainly in cooking for its taste enhancement properties.

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