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7 Dry Fruits You Must Include In Your Diet Today | Healthy Diet | NatureLoC

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits make for a delicious and healthy snack. It is rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Health experts recommend eating dry fruits like apricots, walnuts and pistachios to stay healthy. Dried fruits offers some advantages over fresh fruits: a longer shelf life and portability. If you are watching your weight, dried fruits should be eaten in moderation as they contain significantly more calories per serving than fresh fruits. Some dried fruits contain sugars added in processing which increase its calorie content. However, dried fruits without additives offer numerous health benefits.

Dry Fruits – 7 dry fruits to include


A healthy substitute for conventional snacking options, generally high in sugar, almonds can be enjoyed anytime. Almonds are normally taken in a raw form, but it is also used as an ingredient in many of the food items like salads, casseroles and many other dishes. Almonds are rich in anti-oxidants and have zero cholesterol. They are known to provide relief from constipation, respiratory issues and heart disorders, besides being great for hair, skin and teeth.

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Cashews are highly nutritive. They are rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats, minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. Its high nutritional value work as great health boosters and a good source of monounsaturated fats and proteins. It plays a key role in various body functions hormone production, brain function and in the production of red blood cells prevent anemia. These nuts are a rich source of vitamins E and B6. They can also be used to bring a rich texture and flavour to various dishes.

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Raisins are made from dehydrated grapes and are used in both sweet and savoury food preparations. They are good for health and have been known to reduce acidity and help in digestion. It can be eaten either raw, baked or cooked. When it is cooked, it soften its texture and plump in size. Raisins, like most fruits, possess a combination of an appealing, sweet taste and nutritional value. They provide essential nutrients, soluble and insoluble fiber, and health protective bioactive components, or phytochemicals. Raisins, like all fruits, are high in potassium and low in sodium. Compared to other fruits, they are high in magnesium and iron.

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This shelled nutty delight is extremely nutritious. It is loaded with vital Omega-3 fatty acids, dietary fibres, proteins, anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Walnuts have a delicious taste and crunchy texture, which is why they are used in cookiescakes, cereals, energy bars etc. The nut meal and flour are also used for baking. The anti-oxidant rich nuts are also used in herbal skin and hair products including soaps, shampoos, face exfoliators, scrubs, and body oils. Walnut il is a rich emollient and known for its anti-aging properties.

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Pistachios are good for the heart as they help in lowering bad cholesterol level. They also help prevent diabetes and boost immunity. They are heart-friendly nuts. Regular pistachio consumption can decrease the levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the body. The antioxidants, phytosterols, and unsaturated fatty acids are great for promoting a healthy heart. Pistachios, with their lower calories, high protein, low saturated fat, and high unsaturated fats, are a perfect contender for ideal weight management.

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They are used in different types of sweet dishes and can also be consumed on their own. The dry fruit is rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and natural sugar and is believed to provide relief from constipation, apart from treating anaemia. Dates contain several vitamins and minerals, in addition to fiber and antioxidants. However, they are high in calories since they are a dried fruit. Dates are high in fiber, which may be beneficial for preventing constipation and controlling blood sugar control.

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Apricots provide for 47% of your daily vitamin A needs in a single serving and are a good source of potassium, vitamin E and copper. Vitamin E, like all anti-oxidant vitamins (A and C), is vital in protecting the cells from damage caused by free radicals. This is especially important in summer when the sun is at its strongest. Dried apricots are good for the skin, eyes and the immune system. These are rich in vitamin C, as well as potassium and dietary fiber, all contribute to good cardiovascular health. Apricot oil is good for skin care.

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