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What is wine ? How is wine made ? How to Taste Wine?

What is wine ? How is wine made ?

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Wine (wʌɪn/) – an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice.It is any fermented fruit juice .Wine is traditionally the product of fermented grapes. Although wine can be made from other fruits.  The wine making process or vinification is starting with selection of good quality grapes or other other produce and ending with bottling the finished product good wine.  Wine making science is known as oenology and the person who makes is called vintner or wine maker. Majority of all wine that you’ll find almost anywhere is fermented grape juice,it may also be made from other fruits or plants.

The wine making process – How is wine made ?

making_wine_at_home made wine processing

The wine making process can be divided into 4 basic phases

  • Finding high quality fruits

The first step consists of selecting a high quality fruit Good wine cannot be made from bad grapes..

  • Fermenting the grapes into wine

The second step consists of fermenting the grapes into wine.  Winemakers manage the fermentation by controlling  several different fermentation parameters such as temperature, skin contact time, pressing technique, etc.

  • New wine is clarified and stabilized

During the third phase, the new wine is clarified and stabilized.  Winemakers clarify wine by fining, racking and filtration.

In the fourth phase of winemaking, the winemaker ages the wine.  Most high quality wines are aged in bulk and then for an additional time in the bottle.  Winemakers have an active role throughout  the lengthy bulk aging process.  Wines are smelled, tasted and measured every few weeks, and any needed adjustments are made promptly.Each phase makes a specific contribution to wine characteristics, but the first phase has the greatest influence on wine quality.

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How to Taste Wine?

To taste wine correctly all you need is a glass, a little concentration and the willingness to express what you smell and taste, and consider the following points as you taste each wine

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Sight

wine sight looks good wine

With your glass about 1/3rd full tilt it slight away from you and look for the following things
the wine bright and clear (A cloudy haze can denote a faulty wine)
Colour of the  wine -As a general rule white wines will get darker with age, while red wines will tend to get lighter.

  • Smell 
  • How intense is the smell?
  • Does the wine smell clean?
  • What does the wine smell?
  • Taste

wine-tasting Taste smell sight natureloc

Tasting” a wine. Swirl the wine around in the glass (Swirling breaks the surface of the wine and releases the all important flavor molecules) and have a good sniff

For white wines consider the acidity – wines high in acid will taste like biting into a green apple.
For red wines consider the tannins, wines high in tannins will dry your mouth, similar to sucking a tea bag

If you feel a burning sensation at the back of your throat this usually means the wine is high in alcohol, and also consider the weight of the wine in your mouth. Is it light
and delicate or a full bodied bruiser?

Lastly think about how long you can still taste the wine for after swallowing (or spitting!) it. The greater the length of time the better the quality of the wine.

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