6% Hydrogen Peroxide – Eco friendly Disinfectant

6% Hydrogen Peroxide – Environmental friendly  multipurpose product

6% Hydrogen Peroxide Eco-friendly Hydrogen peroxide liberates oxygen and water during decomposition. It is found in nature even in the breast milk. The WBC also produces Hydrogen Peroxide to fight against the pathogens. It found in rain water mainly at the time of lightening; this is one of the main reasons of healing effect of rain water. It is widely used in day to day life. It helps to minimize the usage of some harmful chemicals.Eco-friendly Hydrogen Peroxide Natureloc


How hydrogen peroxide used in agricultural needs?  Agriculture usage of 6%hydrogen peroxide

1) For root, stem and leaf diseases: Spray 40 ml of 6%hydrogen peroxide in one liter water (0.23% hydrogen

2) Seed Germination: Soak seeds about 8 hrs in a solution of 45 ml 6% HP diluted with 1 Litre water (0.26% HP). In this pre treatment, seeds become disinfected and germinate 50-60% better than untreated one.

3) For good root growth: Spray 5 ml 6% hydrogen peroxide in 10 litre water (30ppm HP) for 10 cent.

4) For Flower Induction: Dilute 25 ml of 6% hydrogen peroxide to 200 ml water (0.67% hp) and spray to induce flowering.

Domestic usage of 6%hydrogen peroxide – uses for every room in your house

Domestic usage of Hydrogen Peroxide - natureloc

1): Dilute 50 ml HP- 6% to 250 ml water and spray in the kitchen floor, sink,
counter tops etc and wipe off it after few minute. Then kitchen will disinfect and become fresh. It also helps to remove
any bad smell from it. The mops and sponges in the kitchen also be disinfect and cleaned by socking in it.

2) In Wash room: Dilute 50 ml  HP 6% to 250 ml with water and spray in toilet, sink, bath tub, wall
etc. as disinfectant. It helps to removes stain and bad odor.

HP 6% -Safe handling, storage and safety informations

3) To disinfect Corona virus: Dilute 100 ml hydrogen peroxide6% to 200 ml water and spray on cleaned non living surface to disinfect corona virus (WHO recommended).

1) For Disinfecting Farm: Spray solution of 100 ml of 6% hp  in 1 litre water (0.55%hydrogen
peroxide) in animal farm for sanitizing floor and atmosphere by evolving nascent oxygen. It also helps to avoid the
dirty smell in the farm. So improve the health of animals.