Delicious and refreshing fruits of Kerala

Kerala Nadan Pazhangal – Yummy fruits from Kerala.

Kerala is rich in different varieties of plants and trees. Some of these trees are cultivated for fruits. Some of the main fruit bearing trees of Kerala are Plavu (jackfruit Tree),Vazha (Banana),Mavu (Mango Tree),Champakka,Arinelli etc… Among all the Kerala fruits, plantains is noted mainly because of its wide variety available in the state

Banana –Vazhapzham (Musa acuminate) – world’s most popular fruit – world’s largest herb

Kerala fruits banana -vazha pazhamThe most popular fruit available through the year is Banana.  About 60 to 70 tonnes of different varieties of bananas exported from Kerala every day. Wide varieties are available in the market with beautiful mind blowing colours( yellow,red and purple),sizes and taste.  The popular varieties includes palayankodam, poovan, nenthra pzham or etha pazham,kathali,chenkathali,robesta etc.., Its plant trunk called “Vazha pindi”,raw or ripe banana,it sflower (vazahchund or vazhakoomb) are also used for preparing delicious dishes .  Banana leaves are often used as plates or disposable food containers where people consider it as a plate to have their food on this leaf. It is also an old Tradition of Kerala. Taking bananas helps to reduce the risks of cancer ,cholesterol, protect against kidney cancer, diabetes etc

Kappalanga or Pappaya  or Omakka (Carica papaya )

Kerala fruis -papaya-kaplanga-pazham


Kappalanga or Pappaya  or Omakka (Carica papaya ) This is another common fruit in Kerala available through out the year.  It has traditionally been mainly cultivated as a backyard crop, has become an important commercial crop. The pear shaped fruit has delicious sweet taste and inside flesh is soft butter like consistency. This charming beautiful colored fruit has a lot of hidden medicinal, health The ripe fruits are used for table purpose and the raw ones as vegetables. Immature fruits are used for the extraction of papain, which is mainly used in the manufacture of medicines for digestive disorders.  This fruit is a significant source of vitamin C and folate,

Champakka ( Rose Apple) (Syzygium samchambakka-kerala fruits- rose applearangense)


This bell shaped fruit is also known as water apple, love apple ,bell fruit, wax apple,mountain apple. The colour of the fruit may be white, pale green, rose and crimson.  It turns rose and then red as it ripe.  This sour taste fruit is used in salads and in dishes like champaka thoran,achar .  The medicinal effects is it loaded with vitamin C and also fiber, a substance which has been proven to reduce cholesterol levels

Nelli – Ari nellikka – Sheema nelli (Star gooseberry) (Phyllanthus acidus)

star gooseberry-arinellikka-sheema neelli


Sheema nelli (Star gooseberry).  This tropical or subtropical species plant does not require much care and attention.  It is a boon to every households.  Flowers are formed at  leafless parts of the main branches.  The fruits are numerous and  densely clustered. They are pale yellow or white, waxy, crisp and juicy, and very sour. 4 to 6 seeds are contained in a stone at the canter of each fruit

Njaara or Njaval (Syzygium cumini) (Black Plum)

Njaval fruit-njara pazham tree-kerala nadan fruit

A slow growing species, it can reach heights of up to 30 m and can live more than 100 years. Njara fruit is sweet, sour and astringent flavours. The fruit is green and changes to a pink to shining black colour when it matures. One who loved to colour the tongue purple in childhood days will never forget this purple fruit jamun.  It is  a high source of vitamin A and vitamin C and its medicinal values it is used in Ayurveda.  This fruit is also used for making wine and  vinegar

Aatha pazham or Aatha Chakka or Seetha pzham  Custard Apple (Annona reticulate)

custard apple nadan-kerala-fruits-nadan pazham aathachakka

Athapazham or athachakka or seethapazham (anona fruit or red custard apple) -This tasty pulpy fruit  that common in Kerala villages. It contains a lot of seeds coated with edible white portion. This lopsided shape of this fruit’s skin is thin but tough.  Beneath this covering a thick, white layer cream is present. The flavour of this fruit is sweet and agreeable.  It has many health values, culinary uses and nutritional benefits

Peraka (Guava)

Fresh-Guava-tree with fruit-perkka-keralal nadan fruitsGuava (Psidium guajava) is one of the most common tree with a lot of strong bony like branches found in Kerala. The fruits are sweet and  fleshy. Each fruit contains numerous tiny, semi-hard edible seeds.  Guavas are rich in dietary fibre vitamins A and C ,folic acid and the dietary minerals potassium ,copper and manganese.

Mavu – Mango Tree – (Mangifera indica)  Mango Fruit- Mampazham – King of the Fruits

mango tree-mavu-kerala fruits

Mango fruit is one of the most popular,nutritionally rich with unique flavor,taste ,fragrance making it labeled as sweet super fruits. It can be eaten raw as dessert fruit or processed to various products. Ripe fruits can be sliced and canned or processed to juice, jams, jellies, nectars and preserves.  Unripe mangos used for making pickles, chutneys and various dishes

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Anjili chakka (Artocarpus hirsutus) is a tropical evergreen tree species.

Jack fruit Chakkapazham -Thorns Outside Sweet and Nutritious Inside

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