7 Homeopathy Medicinal Plants You Never Knew About

Medicinal Plants

Medicinal Plants Nature’s altruistic gift of plants is serving mankind in disease and health, since time immemorial. From ancient times, plants have have been used to attempt to cure diseases. Plants have long been used in the treatment of diseases and wounds and many cultures across the world bear testimony to this fact.

The Role Of Medicinal Plants In Homeopathy

In Homeopathy, the use of medicine extracted from plants has helped find the cure for many ailments. In homeopathy, these plant’s roots extracts first proved their effects on healthy human beings, called drug proving then used on stick, on the law of similar.

The Medicinal Value Of Plants

Some plants are said to have medicinal value which means that some kind of chemical substances are present in these plants which produce a physicological action in the body. Some of the important ones are hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon compounds and alkaloids and others like fatty oils, tannins, resins, mucilages and essential oils glucosides are all utilized. However, some of these are poisonous and it should be administered under the supervision of a physician.

Ayurvedic Herbs

Homepathy Drugs From Medicinal Plant Roots

Gentian (Bitterroot)

It contains several glucosides and can be made as a tonic suitable to use with iron salts. These are useful in treating children with a loss of appetite.


It is used externally for arthritis and neuralgia and internally, to relieve pain and fever. It is also one of the most important drugs for sudden acute conditions of any type.


It consist of emetin, a bitter, white colorlesss alkaloid. Used in treating of pyorrhea, amoebic dysentery and nausea.


It consist of tuberous roots of Ipomoea purge. It is an important drug to treat abdomen colic and diarrhoea in children, especially during the nightime.


It contains a resin that is the source of the cathartic. It primarily affects the duodenum, small intestine, liver and rectum. And it is the most important drug for very profuse watery diarrhoea.


It is a wonderful drug for dentition diarrhoea, especially when children have a sour taste in their mouth.

Medicinal Plants

Valeriana Officinalis

It contains an essential oil that is used to relieve pain, nervous affection, hysteria and coughing, It is the medicine for hysterical flatulency. It is also an important drug for sciatica, especially when sciatic pain is worse when one is standing.

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