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Sleeping Problems | Having Trouble Sleeping At Night ? | Checkout These 7 Tips For Peaceful Sleep

Sleeping Problems

Sleep is one of the fundamental thing in life. It plays an equally important role as that of diet when it comes to maintaining health and balance in the body. It has tremendous health benefits as it helps in relieving stress and restoring vitality. While we are asleep, our body works to repair and rejuvenate the tissues. It impacts each and every part of our lives, ranging from our work performance to our long-term mental and physical health. Though sleeping problems is a major issue, a few simple and minor tweaks in your daily lifestyle can promote a sound, healthy, and effortless sleep.

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7 Tips For Sleeping Problems

Stop Caffeine, Sugar, and Stimulants

Caffeine, sugar and stimulants affect your sleep. So it’s better to remove them, for a soundful sleep.

Drink a cup of hot milk

Milk is a great source of tryptophan, which induces sleep in the body. Drink a glass of hot milk along with 1/4th tsp of nutmeg for a sound sleep. If your body type is pitta, you can add shatavari to the milk. People with kapha body type may add turmeric, and people with vata body type can add garlic to the milk.

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Oil Massage

Oil massage is a wonderful way to soothe the nervous system and, thereby, induce sleep. Massaging oil on the scalp and the foot helps in facilitating good sleep. If you do not want to wash your hair the next morning, and that’s why you are unwilling to massage oil onto your scalp, dab a drop or two of oil onto your temple before going to bed.

Switch off electronic gadgets

Switch off all electronic gadgets such as your mobile, laptop, and TV at least an hour before you sleep. By doing this will help calm your nervous system and get you into the mood to sleep.

Practice Meditation & Yoga

Meditate for 10-15 minutes before going to bed. This will relax your body and induce a sound sleep. Practicing yoga, especially pranayama, is also supposed to be very beneficial to calm down and relax the body and the nervous system. Simple breathing exercises will also help in inducing sleep.

Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is important for maintaining good health. Avoid heavy, spicy, or aggravating foods as they can cause acidity or indigestion, which can affect the sleep cycle. It is suggested to have a light meal two to three hours before going to bed for proper digestion and a sound sleep.

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Sleeping Problems

Proper sleep routine

By following to a proper sleep routine keeps your biological clock steady and improves your sleep.

Following these ayurvedic tips for good sleep regularly will definitely help you. Along with these, also make sure that your room is dark enough to help you sleep properly.

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