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  • Did you know that Adalodakam Can Give you Better Relief from Breathlessness????

Did you know that Adalodakam Can Give you Better Relief from Breathlessness????

Did you know that Adalodakam Can Give you Better Relief from Breathlessness????

Adalodakam(ആടലോടകം) is a shrub which looks like a small tree.This is also known as Chittadalodakam (in Malayalam) and Adhatoda vasica.The Malabar Nut used for Respiratory Disorders for centuries in Ayurveda.And the amazing fact is that all the parts of the plant are useful for the medicinal purpose.Its leaves, root, bark, flowers and fruits are used for medicinal purpose.The leaves are rich in vitamin C and alkaloids.This is native to Southeast Asia .Commonly available  in Kerala.Especially in Ayurveda medicines.

Let’s check its amazing Uses for Respiratory Problems

Adalodakam(Malabar Nut or Adhatoda vasica) – For Respiratory Disorder

Dried Adalodakam Available from NatureLoC.com

Dried Adalodakam Available from NatureLoC.com


Malabar Nut(ആടലോടകം)can be used for respiratory disorders like asthma , cough , tuberculosis , bronchitis etc.For the respiratory disorders, leaves and its extracts and also the dried leaves are used.

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Adalodakam against Cough

It can be used for a cough relief for both adult and children(from 2 years).The leaves are the good source of vitamin c.This helps in relief from cold and cough.And it also reduces the breathless problems and also clears the throat from cold problems.Adalodakam4

How to Use:-

  • Boil the leaf in water.Then strain it and mix with honey.Then it can be used.
  • The cumin seed or Jeerakam with the dried leaves of Malabar Nut can be used for a cough.
  • Juice with leaves or tea with the leaf or dried leaf can cure the cough problems and clears the throat.

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Adalodakam to treat Asthma


Its leaves are commonly used for Asthma.Asthma is caused by the attacks of spasm in the bronchi of the lungs.This makes difficult in breathing.Adalodakam(ആടലോടകം)leaves can reduce the breathless condition of Asthma patients.

How to Use:-

  • Smoking the dried leaves of Adalodakam makes relief from asthma.If you have any allergic problems don’t try this.

Adalodakam cures for Tuberculosis

The juice of leaves can be used in the treatment of tuberculosis.This liquefies the sputum by soothing action on the nerve.This gives relief from the irritable cough of tuberculosis.

How to Use:-

  • The leaves with honey use thrice a day can give a better relief.