Aromatic Digestives – Cinnamon-Fennel

Aromatic Digestives – Cinnamon-Fennel

The aromatic digestives,as a group,all favorably influence the absorption and assimilation of food.  They all increase appetite and act favorably on digestion.  Additionally they increase secretions and encourage the normal forward movement of food in the gut (peristalsis)

The ned result is an increase in the availability of foodstuffs to the body and an increase in vital energy.  When you are ill,the main benefit of armatic digestives is their fortifying effect.  They are also useful when taken during convalescense,when the body is in a weakned state.  Then they act to reitalize the body,restoring it to its state of former vigor

Aromatic digestives cinnamon fennel

One of the digestive herbs might reasonaly form the bais o almost any herbal mixture.  The choice between the aromatic digestives and thebitter digestives will depend on the basic temperature of the disease being treated.  Since the aromatic digestives are warming in nature and mildly stimulating,they are used whenver thse effects are desirable

We will consider cardamom,cinnamon,angelica and fennel,pointing out the unique qualities of each would lead to its use in specific conditions.  Rather then just listing the effects of an herb

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