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Arrowroot – Maranat Aurundinacese -Koova – Herbal medicine

Maranat Aurundinacese  is also known as arrowroot (koova)

Arrowroot harvest koova kizhangu

Arrowroot is a nutritive medicinal herb.  Arrowroot is a large, perennial herb found in rainforest habitats. It is cultivated for a starch obtained from the rhizomes(rootstock) which is used as a nutritious food as well as medicine.  Its  cultivation began approximately ,000 years back. It is cultivated for a starch obtained from the rhizomes which is used as a nutritious food as medicine.

How is koovapodi /arrowroot powder obtained?

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It is obtained from arrowroots tubers (koovakizhang).  Arrowroot tuber is contained 23% edible starch called arrowroot powder (koovapodi).  The tubers are harvested,and scraped ,then cleaned and washed again,and then rubbed on machine to produce pulp.  this pulp is washed with cold water and allowed to settle and then washed again.  The whole process is repeated until the sediment is white to pure.  It is then dried in the sun  and allowed to harden into a cake,which is then ground to a powder for use

What are the different classifications and varieties  of arrowroot (koova)?

White arrowroot tuber – Vella koova kizhangu                                                           Yellow arrowroot tuber -Manja koova

white arrowroot tuber vella koova

yellow koova yellow arrowroot tubers







Blue arrowroot tuber – Neela koova kizhangu

blue arrowroot tubers neela koova

A. Marantaceae 

B. Zingiberaceae
(1). Curcuma angustifolia
(2). Curcuma leucorrhizza
(3). Curcuma pseudomontana
(1). Maranta aurundinaceae – It is also known as arrowroot  maranta West Indian arrowroot, obedience plant, Bermuda arrowroot.  There are several varieties distinguished as red or white, of which the red are most esteemed.

B. Zingiberaceae

Curcuma angustifolia  – These variety arrowroot is  rhizomatous herb,perennial and a flowering plant,with modest and small spiked inflorescences of three or four yellow,funnel shaped flowers within tufts of pink terminal bracts

Koova classifications natureloc

Arrowroot uses – arrowroot powder  Natural Remedy for Diarrhoea – health benefits


Arrowroot powder is an easily digested starch is used a thickener in many foods, and is also considered as an alternative to mother’s milk.
Arrowroot is used in cosmetics as a thickener. Unlike most thickeners, arrowroot has the ability to thicken at room temperature, and at varying ph levels. Arrow root powder is used as natural energy drink in summer i t reduces the risk of urinary stones and refreshes and nourishes the body.

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Arrow root powder – Koova podi more health articles – How to prepare arrowroot porridge for infants,children and bedridden patients

Koovapodi cooking recipes


What is arrowroot powder (koova podi)?

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Arrowroot powder (Koovapodi) It is obtained from the rhizome of Maranta arundinacea, L., which is about 23% starch. The name may come from aru-aru (meal of meals) in the language of the Caribbean Arawak people, for whom the plant is a staple. It has also been suggested that the name comes from arrowroot’s use in treating poison arrow wounds, as it draws out the poison when applied to the site of the injury. The Mayas used a poultice of the root for smallpox and made an infusion to drink for pus in the urine


Arrowroot powder (koovapodi)  health benefits

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Arrowroot powder this white coloured starch main nutritional value is an easily digested.It is often used as an easy-to-digest form of nutrition for infants and people recovering from illness. Arrowroot also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and may be applied as an ointment or poultice



Arrowroot Powder as Food and Medicine – For better digestion for all age groups

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കൂവപ്പൊടിയുടെ ഔഷധമൂല്യം പറഞറിയിക്കേണ്ട കാര്യമില്ല വിശേഷിച്ചു പരിപാലനമൊന്നും ആവശ്യമില്ലാത്ത വിളയാണ് കൂവ. പല പറമ്പുകളിലും സമൃദ്ധമായി മുളച്ചുയർന്നു നിൽക്കുന്ന കൂവയുടെ പ്രാധാന്യം പലർക്കുമറിയില്ല..അമ്മയുടെ മുലപ്പാലിനു പകരം വയ്ക്കാവുന്നത്ര ഗുണമേന്മയുണ്ട് കൂവപ്പൊടിക്ക്. ദഹനശേഷിയും ദഹനേന്ദ്രിയങ്ങൾക്ക് ആരോഗ്യവും പ്രദാനം ചെയ്യുന്ന ഭക്ഷണം. കൊഴപ്പുനാരുകൾ ഇല്ലാത്തതും വേഗത്തിൽ ദഹിക്കുന്നതുമായതുകൊണ്ട് പ്രമേഹരോഗികൾക്കും ഹൃദ്രോഗബാധയുള്ളവർക്കും ചേർന്ന ഭക്ഷണം. മുലയൂട്ടുന്ന അമ്മമാർക്ക് മുലപ്പാൽ വർധിപ്പിക്കാൻ ഉപകരിക്കും. ഇങ്ങനെ കൂവയെക്കുറിച്ചു പറയാനേറെയുണ്ട്.



Koovapodi (Arrowroot powder) – helpful effects for the body

Arrow root Koova plant leaves and flower

Arrow root Koova plant leaves and flower


Arrowroot gluten free starch – doesn’t have high nutritional value – does have some helpful effects for the body..Koovapodi is a natural floured root starch that is off white or pure white in colour and very smooth powder. The plant was given the name arrowroot because it was once used to treat those who are injured with wounds from poisoned arrows. Generally this powder is used as a very good substitute for cornstarch. Arrowroot starch ( commonly known as r arrowroot ’ ) is obtained in the country from the rhizomes of the plants known as Maranta arunditzacea




How Koova podi (arrowroot) more acceptable for infants and children

Arrowroot Porridge or Koova podi Kurukku

How to make a healthy and nutritious Arrowroot Porridge or Koova podi Kurukku?
Arrowroot powder or Koova podi is a white coloured flour extracted from the roots of arrowroot plants. It’s one of the easily digestible flours known to humans. Arrowroot powder is extensively used in the preparation of cookies, biscuits and crackers. As it is an easily digestible flour, baby foods contain arrowroot powder as an important ingredient. It can have a cooling effect on the body.
Arrowroot Powder (Koovapodi) – A Perfect Mix of Nutritional and Medicinal Values

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