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Ashwagandha (Amukkuram) – Miracle herbs helps to reduce infertility

Amukkuram  Ashwagandha Trittavu  – Miracle herbs helps to reduce infertility

Ashwagandhais considered as a rasayana herb

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In Ayurveda,Ashwagandha is considered as a rasayana herb, which works on a nonspecific basis to increase health and longevity.W. somnifera has been in use for over 2500 years to treat all kind of diseases and human ailments. This herb is also considered as an adaptogen which is a nontoxic herb that works on a nonspecific basis to normalize physiological function,working on the HPA axis and the neuro-endocrine system.

The roots and berries of the plant are used in herbal medicine. In Ayurveda, the fresh roots are sometimes boiled in milk , prior to drying, in order to leach out undesirable constituents. The berries are used as a substitute for rennet, to coagulate milk in cheese making.The species name somnifera means”sleep-bearing” in Latin, indicating it was considered a sedative, but it has been also used for sexual vitality and as an adaptogen

What is Amukkuram -Trittavu (Asvagandha – Aswagandha) Withania somnifera Dunal ,Indian Winter Cherry

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Amukkuram A Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Medicinal Herb for the Treatment of various Human  ailments

The traditional use of ‘Ashwagandha’ was to increase energy, youthful vigour, endurance, strength, health,nurture the time elements of the body, increase vital fluids, muscle fat, blood, lymph, semen and cell production. It also helps to counteract chronic fatigue,weakness, dehydration, bone weakness, loose teeth,thirst, impotency, premature aging emaciation,debility, convalescence and muscle tension. It helps to invigorate the body by rejuvenating the reproductive organs, just as a tree is invigorated by feeding the roots . Ashwagandha root has also been noted to have sex-enhancing properties Ashwagandha is mentioned in the ancient Kama Sutra as an herb to be used for heightening sexual experience. Ashwagandha has the ability to restore sexual health and improve overall vitality while

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Ashwagandha or amukkuram promoting a calm state of mind

Ashwagandha Amukkuram root powder is a good rejuvenating tonic for reproductive system, especially for males. It is also known as Indian Ginseng. It improves sperm motility. It is also useful in oli gospermia (increasing sperm count), poor sexual performance and helps to  reduce infertility. Ashwagandha improves sexual potency  and sperm production. Ashwagandha  is also given in few gynaecological conditions. It is excellent tonic to the uterine muscles and indicated in menstrual imbalance caused by a deficient condition  with an aggravation of vata and uterine spasms; dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, weakness. Ashwagandha is a tonic that nourishes whole  body.

Using method – Ashwagandha or amukkuram – How can amukkuram be taken?

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Amukkuram is available in powder form or in fresh root form.The traditional use is as a (fresh root grind using mixer) powder, mixed with warm milk and honey, and taken before bed, calming vata and fostering healthy sleep patterns, reproductive system, and strength.

For healthy infertility (impotency) – 3.5 gm amukkuram powder,sugar with hot hot cow milk regularly .  For increasing sperm count – Mix  Ashwagandha root powder with ghee take it with hot cow milk for one month

Where to buy Amukkuram fresh root? 

Amukkuram, Ashwagandha, Indian Ginseng – Buy Online

Amukkuram  Ashwagandha Trittavu  – Miracle herbs helps to reduce infertility Miracle herbs helps to reduce infertility for more details

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