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Avoid sugar in your kids diet – Sweeten Porridge ,milk ,juice with honey,palm jagery syrup

Avoiding sugar in kids diet – Sugar free diet for kids

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Most paediatricians recommend not adding sugar or salt to your child’s food in her first year of life.But it’s normal for your child to prefer sweet flavours.Imparting flavour to baby food is a difficult choice. How would it affect the health of my baby? Is it safe to add flavour? In Indian kids recipes, jaggery, palm jaggery and palm sugar are often substituted for sugar. Jaggery, palm jaggery and palm sugar have several health benefits that cannot be given by sugar. I will explain how I substitute jaggery, palm jaggery, date syrup, and honey for sugar in kids recipes.

Jaggery ,Palm jaggery is better substitute for sugar in your children’s diet

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Jaggery or Karupatti has rich calcium content and blood purifying properties. It is also believed to be a healthy and less calorific sugar for everyone. Jaggery is rich with minerals and vitamins and contains sugar elements glucose and sucrose that would help cure indigestion, stomach upset and constipation. Jaggery is a store of iron that it helps in the growth of children. Jaggery is a wonderful source of calcium, phosphorus and zinc.

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How to prepare Palm Jaggery syrup


  • Palm jaggery (chakkara) – One large Pieces (One medium ball size)
  • Water – half cup


  • Break the chakkara chunks into small pieces as much as possible. ( Either grate the jaggery using the grater or break it into small pieces using the hand mortar and pestle.)
  • Take water in the saucepan and mix the broken chakkara pieces in.
  • Heat the saucepan and keep stirring on medium flame.
  • In 3-4 minutes, all the pieces will melt to form a brown colour solution and the water will start boiling.
  • Keep stirring till the solution attains a syrup like consistency- however not too thick.
  • Switch off the flame and strain it immediately using the steel strainer into another bowl. It looks like honey at this stage.
  • Once cool, store in a dry, air tight jar.Use 1-2 spoons of the syrup to your baby’s porridge or meal as you see fit.

Refrigerating the syrup might be a good option, to prevent fungi growth.

Avoid sugar in juices,milk for children


Honey is great sweetening agent  with health and medicinal benefits.  It can be added to porridges,milk once in a while.  Fresh juices do have sweetness.Try to avoid sugar in juices.  Children can be taught drinking juice without sugar.  In order to  add sweet we can add fresh dates extract or dry grapes extracts.

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