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Cashewnuts – Natural Vitamin Pills-The Perfect Nuts for your Brain


Cashew Tree with fruit Cashew apple

Cashew Tree and Cashew Apple – Fruit of paradise Cashew Nut -An Unusual Nut

Cashewnuts are the seeds of cashew tree . This tropical large evergreen tree  produces the cashew fruit/cashew apple and cashew seeds means cashew nut .Cashewnut (Anacardium occidentale Linn) is ranks second in international trade amongst the major edible nuts. Cashew is believed to be a native of Brazil. The fruit of cashew nut tree is cashew apples are not sold commercially. Cashew apples are pseudofruit .This pear shaped ripe fruit is bright red,pink or yellow and a waxy skin and a crisp, watery texture. Medicinal uses and health  benefits  of Cashew Apple -In  Brazil and Cuba cashew apple juice as prescribed as a remedy for sore throat and chronic dysentery,its rich source of proteins also assist with skin rejuvination and combats premature aging.It is a good remedy for scurvy, cough and cold and is considered an excellent purgative

Cashewnut – Natural Vitamin Pills

Natural Vitamin Pills-The Perfect Nuts for your Brain

The cashew kernels are highly nutritive. They are rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, unsaturated fats, minerals like calcium, phosphorus,. iron and vitamins.Why this kidney shaped nut called  Natural Vitamin Pills? 

Its high nutritional value work as great health boosters and a good source of monounsaturated fats and proteins.

Eating cashewnuts during pregnancy is safe or not ?

Cashewnuts are great source of iron,so this is important pregnant women,produce more blood in order to nourish the fetus.  Its anti-bacterial  components fight against infection

Nuts – Memory Booster  Cashewnut’s dietary copper source helps to breakdown the fat in your food.  Copper also needed for brain function

Cashew nut –  Store house of all essential nutrients

Vitamin E- presence – helps to prevent aging tissue damage,reduce the risk of cancer and improve immunity


Monounsaturated fats – to reduce hypertension in the body,the bad cholesterol in the blood and good for the heart

Cashews health benefits


Iron – improvement in hair growth, prevent anemia

Cashewnut plays a key role in various body functions hormone production,brain function and in the production of red blood cells prevent anemia

In culinary uses – This versatile and sweet nut used in different forms roasted,salted or raw,chopped  slice light pieces for decorating food varieties,shakes,juices,salads,cookies,cakes etc..,

Keep in  mind – Five to Ten cashew nuts are enough for a day,excess eating can lead to increase body weight



Chicken-with-Cashew-Nuts-using decoration of food

Chicken-with-Cashew-Nuts-using decoration of food