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Cast Iron Cookware – How I Ended Up Buying My Cast Iron Skillet !

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast Iron Cookware

As a mother of two kids, I’ve been conscious about feeding them with healthy foods. But then I realized that, I was cooking healthy food on a toxic cookware. I’m pretty sure we all must be aware of the hazardous stuffs while cooking on a non-stick cookware. The chemicals which will be percolating in our foods! So finally after realizing that I was actually poisoning the people that I was trying to make healthy, I gathered all my hazardous toxic pans and dumped them away for good!

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Cast Iron Cookware – Advantages & Disadvantages

Then I had to decide what to use next! I ended up trying most of the cookwares out there, all in vain. I read articles, watched some videos, trying to acquire knowledge about healthy cookwares. After all the troublesome search, I found Cast Iron cookwares and started using them. After a week of cooking, I’m in love with my Cast Iron Cookware. It’s really an awesome way to cook healthy foods. The best thing about it is; cooks evenly, heats quickly, and you can use it on your stove and even in the ovens. You can even use it outdoor over a burning wood of fire, or on the grill! So tell me what’s not to love about it?! The only impediment I found using them was; it’s heavy, and not dishwasher safe! But on the good side, there are plenty of benefits.

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So, being the Cast Iron Cookware obsessed mom, which I am, I’ve collated a list of 8 Best Cast Iron Cookware You Must Own before the year 2018 ends! Check out in the link below:

8 Best Cast Iron Cookware You Must Own In 2018

Cast Iron Cookware – Cast Iron Dosa Tawa

Now I know the first thing you would own is the Cast Iron Dosa Tawa, if you have any cast iron at all! But what makes this skillet so special? Ever wondered?! Size, yes you heard me right! Cast Iron Dosa Tawa has different sizes ranging from 10 inch to 14 inch. So it’s very easy to choose, depending upon what you are cooking. Be it a small omelette or making crispy masala dosa’s (it’s basically a variation of South Indian dosa, which originates from Tuluva Mangalorean cuisine. It is prepared using rice, lentils, potato, methi and curry leaves. They serve it with chutneys and sambar. You can just drool over it’s taste).

How To Season A Cast Iron – It’s Easier Than You Think – Cast Iron Seasoning

While I use my large skillets occasionally, the 13 inch is my favorite. It’s pretty much my everyday skillet. I almost use it every morning to cook my eggs in it and to heat leftovers. Very easy to handle for daily use. Anyone having kids, knows that they want something different to eat everyday! They simply just can’t have the same thing everyday which puts us on a grueling schedule. This is where the 13 inch dosa tawa comes in handy for heating small individual meals.

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Trust me! When I say, its super easy, it definitely is. No matter how big or small your family is, you should own this 13 inch pan! I have two kids, and like I said many times now, I use it regularly. So I ended up seeing this pretty decent video in Youtube about Cast Iron Dosa Tawa Cookware which shows the different sizes of Tawa ranging from 10 Inch to 14 Inch, both pre-seasoned and without seasoned. How awesome it is right?! I have provided the link of the video below, don’t forget to check out this super cool piece of gadget!