Chutneys (Chammanthi) – Health benefits of chutney

Chutneys  are a ubiquitous part of Indian cuisine.  Different varieties of chutney – chammanthi are prepared and consumed in almost all parts of India.  Chutney can be wet or dry,based on the type.  Some of the common flavourings added to them are sugar,salt,garlic,tamarind,ginger and onion.  Commonly used spices in chutney are fenugreek,cumin,coriander,mustard and asafoetida (hing or kayam)

As the ingredients are mostly derived from plants and not cooked,chutney are usually full of vitamins and other nutrients.  Little or no use of oil makes the chutney almost fat-free.  Many types of chutney are made sour by adding tamarind,tomato,and other sour ingredients.

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These chutneys are rich in antioxidants.  The addition of fresh green leaves also ensure abundance of chlorophyll.  A wide variety of chutneys can be made from almost any combination of vegetables,fruits,herbs and spices.  Chutneys are  usually grouped into sweet or hot forms.  Both usually contain spices,including chilli,but differ by their main flavours.  Chutni types and their preparations vary widely across the subcontinent

Types of Chutneys (Chammanthi)

Apart form the kinds of chutney described above,here are some more that are part of Indian cuisine.

  • Coriander (cilantro) chutney and mint cham mean manthi are often called ‘hari chutni’ literally green chutney
  • Tamarind chutney or imli chutney often called meethi chutney,where meethi means ‘sweet’in Hindi
  • Sooth or saunth chutney,made with dates and ginger.
  • Coconut chutney
  • Prune chutney
  • Mango chutney,Lime chutney made form whole unripe limes
  • Garlic chutney made from fresh garlic,coconut and groundnut

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Some chutneys associated with different parts of the country are:

  • Assam – coriander,spinach,tomato,curry leaf,chilli,radish,carrot,cucumber,beetroot,lentil,chickpea,ghost chilli chutney
  • Andhra Pradesh – coconut,coriander,red chilli,with gram,tomato,onion,peanut,lemon,curry leaf,tamarind,green chilli,ginger,mint,mango chutneys
  • Gujarat – Hot line chutneys,garlic chutney
  • Haryana – Tamarind chutney
  • Himachal Pradesh – guava and egg plant chutney
  • Karnataka – coconut,peanut,tomato,tamarind,mango,urad dal,pudina,heeray kayi (ridge gourd),badne  kayi (egg plant) uchellu (niger seed)
  • Kerala – Coconut,pudina,urad dal,mango,dry fish, shrimp,birds eye chilli,onion chutney,Kodampuli cambodge, tamarind,gooseberry – Buy online kodampuli birds eye chilli dried,salted 

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