Coconut Oil – The healthiest oil in the world

Coconut Oil (velichenna)and Health – coconut oil is a healthy choice with important nutritional and medicinal applications.

Coconut oil (velichenna )has a long history of use throughout the world as both a food and as a medicine. Over the past 50 years research has shown that coconut oil possesses unique properties with important nutritional and medical applications. Coconut oil is unique in that it is composed predominately of a special group of saturated fats known as medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). Although MCT are classified as saturated fats they do not contribute to cardiovascular disease. Evidence shows they may actually protect against it. Studies have shown that populations that use coconut oil as their primary source of dietary fat have very low rates of cardiovascular disease. Coconut oil is easier to digest than other fats, improves nutrient absorption, does not contribute to weight gain, stimulates metabolism, boosts energy, possesses potent antimicrobial properties, and improves energy metabolism in the brain. All these features suggest that coconut oil is a healthy choice with important nutritional and medicinal applications.

Why coconut oil based products are scoring big with beauty buffs across the world ?

coconut oil

Everyone is loving coconut oil at the moment. Not only is it great for hair, skin and even teeth, it’s an intensive moisturiser with antibacterial properties. You can also use coconut oil for  baking and rehydrate with its water

Celeb ,who take their make-up off with the stuff. So it’s no surprise sales of coconut products are on the up-stores and  64% increase in sales of coconut products this year

How to Use Coconut Oil to Stay Healthy and Attractive

Coconut oil – leaves a silky feel and keeps skin smooth -To keep skin flake free

Use-Coconut-Oil-as-a-Cleanser - for skin


“Coconut oil, whether used alone or as part of a body oil, lotion or scrub, leaves a silky feel and keeps skin smooth, elastic and hydrated, thanks to its medium chain fatty acids and proteins,” says skincare experts.

And because of its molecular structure, it’s easily absorbed – a study in an international journal of dermatology showed that pure virgin coconut oil  helped decrease water loss in people with atopic dermatitis.
To keep skin flake free, lavish your body with products that has ingredients like coconut butter. For dry skin, use a pure, virgin coconut oil – it comes solid at room temperature but warms and melts on body contact, say experts.

Coconut oil – great for scalp – great for hair

coconut oil for natural hair

Coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft easily because of its small molecular structure. “This means it can hydrate and soften hair, preventing breakage and reducing protein loss,”. “It’s also great for scalp health as it has soothing and cooling properties”For an intensive conditioning treatment, warm some perfectly pure coconut oil, then comb through hair and leave in overnight

Coconut water also hydrates your hair and thanks to its potassium, calcium and proteins, it leaves your locks stronger.

Natural antioxidants help combat ageing

Used in a facial moisturiser, its natural antioxidants help combat ageing by preventing free radical damage. “It also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which can help to treat acne and eczema,”. Try moisturiser with coconut oil. If you have skin prone to redness, try non-irritating oil products. And tor protection from winter use comfort cream, It combines coconut oil and milk with “anti-cold”

Coconut oil whitens your teeth

Teeth-Whitening using coconut oil

Oil pulling – that’s pulling, pushing and sucking coconut oil through teeth – is said to help lift off stains and whiten. It’s antibacterial too. “Bacteria in the mouth are covered with a lipid membrane. When it comes into contact with coconut oil, they naturally adhere to each other,” explains nutritionist

Coconut oil is a great cleanser

“Coconut oil is a great cleanser because it’s easily removed, clears congested pores and isn’t greasy, plus it contains around 50% lauric acid, an antimicrobial fatty acid.” . For the face, try coconut cleansers. It’s designed for sensitive skin – even if you’re prone to flushing and rosacea – and the oil helps break down water-proof mascara. In the shower there are hydrating skin scrubs with poppy seeds and sugar to exfoliate, that is recommended for very dry skin.  Of course. you can always lie back and bathe in coconut on. so your skin is soaked with intense, skin-healthy nutrients..  More and more makeup products are incorporating coconut oil and water in their formulas There are foundations with coconut oil. Use coconut water to replenish your skin’s moisture.

Look for eye shadows containing coconut oil to nourish the skin on your eyelids so they don’t look crepey. Coconut oil also helps soften, protect and smooth lashes.