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Passion Fruit (Grandilla) – Health benefits and medicinal values

Passion Fruit – Grandilla

Fruits are very important component of any healthy diet.  At least one portion of a fruit per day is advised for everyone.  Many diabetic patients are confused about the choice of fruit.  Many fruits can be taken as a snack

Natureloc Passion Fruits health benefits

Pleasantly sweet and tart,passion fruit is also known as gradilla.  It is probably originated in Paraguay.  The plant is a climber belongs to the family of passifloraceac.

The two main types are purple and yellow.  Even though yellow passions are generally available,the pulp of the purple fruit is less acidic,richer in aroma and flavour and has a higher proportion of juicy pulp

Passion fruit features round to oval shape,4 to 8cm in diameter, have a tough outer shell.  Inside,the fruit consist of membranous sacs containing light orange colour,numerous small,hard black seeds with pulpy juice

Passion fruit health benefits and medicinal values

passion-fruit-juice and pulp yellow passion fruits




Passion fruit is a very good source of dietary fiber that helps to remove cholesterol from the body.  the antioxidants in the fruit protect us from colon cancer,lung cancer and oral cavity cancers.


This fruit rich in vitamin C helps the body develop resistance against infection.  The vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin and good eye sight.  Presence of potassium in the fruit is an important component that helps to regulate heart rate and blood pressure

Nutritional value of passion fruit -100gm -passion fruit

purple passion fruits health benefits



  • Energy  – 97 cal
  • Protein – 2.2gm
  • Carbohydrate -23.3gm
  • Fibre – 10.4 gm
  • Fat – 0.06gm







The fruit can be enjoyed fresh,when it is well ripe or as a juice.  It adds flavour to fruit salads.  It can also be used in the preparation of jam,jellies,sauce and syrups

It is also available in various recipes like ice creams,deserts,cake halwa also

The fruit is valued for its pronounced flavour and aroma which helps not only in producing a high quality squash but also in flavouring several other products. The juice of passion fruit with an excellent flavour is quite delicious,nutritious and liked for its blending quality. To enhance the flavour of the final produce,passion fruit juice is often mixed with juices of pineapple, mango, ginger etc. The juice is extensively used in confectionery and preparation of cakes, pies and ice cream. It is a rich source of Vitamin A and contains fair amounts of Sodium, Magnesium, Sulphur and Chlorides. Commercial Processing of yellow passion fruit yields 36% juice, 51% rinds and
11% seeds.