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Cooking Honey – Why You Should Not Cook Honey The Truth Revealed !

Cooking Honey

Honey is reputed for containing medicinal properties and makes it a great substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners. It is considered a superfood which consists of various probiotics, enzymes and amino acids. These things are very important to health in many ways.

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Raw honey is useful ingredient to get glowing skin and keep it healthy. It contains anti-microbial properties that make it useful as natural antibiotic. The raw form may be an excellent source of good health and skin. But honey when heated or cooked may be harmful and put your health at risk.

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Even though raw honey is made up of simple sugars and water, it has multiple medicinal properties, including its ability to heal skin wounds and ulcers. It is rich in vitamin C, D, E, K and B-complex and beta-carotene, minerals, enzymes and essential oils. Furthermore, it is effective in fighting respiratory infections, due to its abundant in antioxidants.

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Cooking Honey: What happens if you cook with honey ?

Those honey which was harvested next to herbs or flowers would effect over the qualities of pollen harvested by the bee. The natural healing effects are attained from honey’s raw form and by disturbing its chemicals by heating or over heating may completely change its compounds leading to health hazards.

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Heating honey is contraindicated as it causes adverse effects. Cooking it deteriorates the quality and loses its essential enzymes and nutrients. Heated honey can actually produce delirious effects in the body and can be fatal at the same time.

When you cook honey over a heat of 40 degree Celsius, there is a negative chemical change which makes it bitter in taste. Furthermore the heat destroys the beneficial qualities of honey. Also by buying processed honey, which is already heated at a certain temperature, you are only making it worse.

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Cooking Honey – Is it good or bad ?

When honey is cooked it becomes equivalent to glue. The molecules tend to adhere to mucous membranes in the digestive tract, further producing toxins, eventually becoming the root cause of ill health. Furthermore, contributing to congestion, weight gain, respiratory diseases, skin issues, digestive problems and blood glucose imbalances. Pasteurizing honey may also cause to increase the glycemic index, which is not good for diabetics.

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People usually drink lukewarm water mixed with honey, to treat vomiting and to cure constipation. In this case, do not heat the water and mix honey. The nutrients that it contains may turn poisonous and lead to ill effects in the body.

Don’t Even Think About Cooking Honey !

It is crucial to know that we should not disturb the natural environment of any food as they are beneficial in their own ways. Heating or cooking honey will have serious ill effects on your body. Hence you must ensure that you only buy raw honey and consume it without heating it.

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