Medicinal uses of black pepper (Kurumulaku)

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) and long pepper (piper longum)

Health-secrets medicinal uses of black pepper

Black pepper (Piper nigrum) and long pepper (piper longum) are the  best known species in this family and are probably among the most recognized spices in the world.  Black pepper alone accounts for about 35% of the world’s total spice trade.  In addition,black pepper and long pepper have been used medicinally for centuries .  In recent years,extensive research data on the phytochemistry and unique pharmacological actions of these plants have also become available

Black pepper – Medicinal values

Piper nigrum L. is considered the king of spices throughout the world due to its pungent principle piperine. Peppercorn of Piper nigrum as a whole or its active components are used in most of the food items. Different parts of Piper nigrum including secondary metabolites are also used as drug, preservative, insecticidal and larvicidal control agents. Biologically Piper nigrum is very important specie. The biological role of this specie is explained in different experiments that peppercorn and secondary metabolites of Piper nigrum can be used as Antiapoptotic, Antibacterial, Anti-Colon toxin, Antidepressant, Antifungal, Antidiarrhoeal, Anti-inflammatory,Antimutagenic, Anti-metastatic activity, Antioxidative, Antiriyretic, Antispasmodic,Antispermatogenic, Antitumor, Antithyroid, Ciprofloxacin potentiator, Cold extremities, Gastric ailments, Hepatoprotective, Insecticidal activity, Intermittent fever and Larvisidal activity.

Black pepper – Common herbs in Ayurveda

Pepper have been used in traditional medicine for intermittent fevers and to promote the secretion of bile.   This is also recommended for neurological,broncho-pulmonary and gastrointestinal disorders.  Black pepper,ginger long pepper are often used together in equal portions in preparations know as trikattu (three acrids collectively as “kapa-vatta-pitta-haratwam” which means doshas of the human organisms

Black pepper’s secret health factor piperine

Black pepper

It contains an active phenolic compound piperine seems to be the secret of pepper’s powerful health benefits against inflammation,arthritis and pain etc..,Polyphenols powerful antioxidants found in plants protect against hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.Black pepper also improves overall digestion and intestinal health ,it stimulating the taste buds and alerting the stomach to increase the production of hydrochloric acid (a substance necessary for digesting proteins and other food substances),boosting of this acid lead to major improvement in digestive health.  Pepper can reduce intestinal tracts bloating and can even stimulate the breakdown of fat cells.  Bioavailability enhancement –  The use of black pepper well known in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders.

Black pepper sprinkled on their food makes it taste spicy or hot.  The hot flavours is even stronger when the pepper is used fresh.  Black and long peppers stimulate the skin as well as the toungue,thus they are also useful for tropical application.  They have broad antimicrobial,antiparasitic and insecticidal properties.  This pungency of pepper is now understood to be byproduct of the biological properties of piperine,which can apparently regulate neurohormones,thereby increasing thermogenesis,or production of heat of the body

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