Detox with vegetable juice – Types of Detox

What is Detoxification and why do it? How does detoxification work? 

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Detox – Weight Loss detox  – Alcohol detox – Body cleansing detox – skin detox

“Detox” is certainly a popular buzzword in the dieting world! The idea behind it is that we need to periodically clear the “toxic waste” from our body in order to stay healthy.Detoxing is a body cleansing process where impurities and toxins are removed from the blood.  Many of the impurities that are deposited in the body usually come from the food that is eaten,alcohol or drugs.  the process of elimination of impurities is also carried out by the kidney,liver,skin and intestines

Detox diets – Your health is in your hands – Why detox with vegetables?

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Vegetables are important source of many essential nutrients including folic acid,Vitamin A,dietary fibre,potassium and Vitamin C.  They can be used in many ways like in the form of liquids or juices,salads or vegetables curries.  Also vegetables like brocoli,spinach and tomatoes are filled with additional health benefits,making them superfoods.  The nutrients present in vegetables are vital for maintaining a healthy body and soul

Many vegetables consist of 85% to 95% water,which helps  hydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles.  Phytonutrients found in all vegetables,can guard against premature aging by preventing cell damage from stress,sun,pollution and other environmental toxins.  Vitamin C,also present in vegetables aids in collage formation.  choosing bright coloured red,orange vegetables one get an added boost of beta carotene,which can give you healthy glow as it protects skin from sun damage.  Lycopene,found in red vegetables such as tomatoes is considered  a natural sunscreen

Types of detox -what type of detox is best for you?

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Cleaning of your body is not difficult  – – detox your body with green vegetables or vegetables juices and gelatinous plant foods.  Freshly extracted vegetable juices are easy to absorb into the blood system

Detox – *Weight Loss detox  * Alcohol detox * Body cleansing detox * skin detox

*Weight Loss detox – a specific calorie count is maintained,so that the person reaches their target loss  without any loss in clinical parameters

* skin detox – rejuvenate the skin,reduce pimples,acne and all skin related problems

* Body cleansing detox – impurities are filtered out of the body but there is no significant weight loss

* Alcohol detox – to recover from a hangover. It is also done it one consumes alcohol on a regular basis and he/she is missing his daily nutrients

Basic components – Any detoxification program

  • Eat only fruits and vegetables in any combination, amount, and preparation using oils and spices as needed
  • Move and exercise the body in any variety, intensity, and duration
  • Drink plenty of filtered water, juice, tea, and broth
  • Keep a journal and practice any variety of self-reflection


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