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Diabetic Kid – Type-1 Diabetes Corner

Diabetic Kid – Heera is 13 years old and has type- l Diabetes. She always wants to eat something or the other. Her mother is worried how to deal with the situation.

Main reason for increased appetite in a type- l diabetic kid is uncontrolled diabetes and when the child is under insulinised. This is because when there is no adequate insulin in the body cells of the body cannot utilize the glucose for producing energy.

All the glucose in the blood will be pouring out of the body through urine. So the cells starve for glucose even when there is lot of glucose in the blood. This is called starvation in the midst of plenty. This will signal the brain to increase the signals for hunger and the child will have lot of appetite and craving for food. once insulin doses are adjusted and glucose levels are controlled this excess appetite is going to disappear.


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Even when there is a good glycemic control, the kids can have a craving for food around the age of puberty. This is a normal response of the body to the increased energy requirements needed for puberty to progress normally. At this time there is no need to restrict the food strictly in lieu of worsening glycemic control.

Diabetic Kid  –  certain points to be considered in such a situation are

  • Choose healthy foods and avoid unhealthy foods as always. Sprouted legumes, low sugar fruits, vegetables, soups, salads, egg white, fish, nuts all come under healthy foods. Bakery items, fried items, roots, tubers, red meat etc are to be avoided.
  • Try not to keep on eating throughout the day ie don’t graze like a cow. Whatever has to be taken should be taken as 3 major meals and 3 mid meal snacks. It may be better to avoid eating for 2 % to 3 hours following a meal.
  • As far as possible try to check sugars using glucometer before every meal and give short acting insulin according to carbohydrate counting and glucose values at that time. This is easy for kids using insulin pump but can be done for those on basal bolus as well.

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If the mid meal snacks are taken in plenty try to cut down on the major food like rice, rotti etc.

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