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Did you know the different varieties of jackfruit dishes and products ?

JackFruit -The wonder fruit – Have a look at the variety of products that you can get from jack fruit.

Jack fruit ചക്ക പഴം -Thorns Outside Sweet and Nutritious Inside-

Jack fruit  -Thorns Outside Sweet and Nutritious Inside-

The jackfruit botanically known as Artocarpus heterophyllus,one of the popular fruits of India, is believed to be indigenous in our country.
Fully ripe jackfruit is sweet and has an exotic flavour. The bulbs (edible flakes) contain 7.5% sugar on dry weight basis and a fair amount of Carotene (Vitamin A). The seeds are rich in Carbohydrates and also a good source of Vitamins. Ripe fruits are used for nectar and jams. Unripe fruits are also used for culinary preparations like chips, pickles, etc.

Jackfruit products with long shelf life unveiled -Ready to cook and ready to eat jackfruit products from its processing hub

Jackfruit is sweet in taste and also contains Vitamin-A. Like any other fruit, it is perishable in nature. It is grown in very limited parts of India and hence is not much popular in other parts. It is heavy and bulky fruit and hence transportation is not very easy and is costly as
well. Therefore, its down the stream products with longer shelf-life can be easily transported and shall also have value-addition. Products like canned pieces, nectar, jam, pickle and chips are recommended.

Raw Jack Fruit-canned pieces -Dehydrated raw jack bulb-Dehydrated ripe jack fruit-Dehydrated tender jack

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Canned Jackfruit – Ripe jackfruit’s crisp bulbs are used for canning in sugar syrup. The seeds are removed from the bulbs.The bulbs are then canned either as whole or as halves or quarters

Jackfruit Nectar – The bulb are removed from ripejackfruit and passed through a pulping/ fruit mill. They are then mixed with about 10% hot water and passed through a
pulper having a fine sieve of 1 mm hole.The pulp is used for preparing nectar

Jackfruit Chips (chakka upperi/chakka varuthathu) – This is one of the famous snack item in Keralites. Raw jack fruit are cut into large pieces.The raw bulbs cut into suitable lengthwise pieces. These pieces made by deep frying in coconut oil or refined vegetable oil.This is a a very crispy,tasty and healthy snack food which can be stored in containers for a long time

Jack fruit seeds flour/jackfruit powder – Most people unaware of this healthy seeds medicinal and health values. Normally we throw away its seeds without even knowing that they are in high proteins.This powder can be used to make soup,direct mixing with hot milk as porridge

jackfruit seeds flour-powder natureloc products


Varieties of jackfruit dishes and products under one roof – we prepare it fresh and hygienically & ship it to your doorstep

Ripened bulbs and seed in ready to cook packets-Dehydrated jack seed flour-Dehydrated jack fruit seed powder

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Jack fruit Chakkapazham -Thorns Outside Sweet and Nutritious Inside