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Expectant Mother – Care of the expectant mother (Pregnant Women)

Expectant Mother – Care of the expectant mother

Expectant Mother – It is important for the pregnant women to understand clearly how and in what matters she must take special care of herself and her baby.  what she should do to ensure the health and welfare of both.  And how can make sure that the delivery will be normal and safe,without mishap.  And she should make it a point to take the requisite measures.

Expectant Mother Medical Check-Up

The pregnant women  should begin by consulting the family doctor,apprising him of all the relevant facts and punctiliously following his direction.  She should get herself registered in reputable clinic,maternity home or hospital,visit the chosen establishment regularly,and keep the doctors in charge fully informed about the progress of her pregnancy,the state of her health and all other details,especially any departures from the normal or expected pattern.

Pregnant women diet – Diet of the expectantmother


Pregnant Women  Exercise – Rest and Sleep

Exercise is not less important than fresh air for keeping the body healthy.  The routine daily chores of household work can also serve the purpose of providing exercise to the body,as do exercises devised specifically for the purpose.  But of course the pregnant women should not life heavy loads,not should she attempt anything which will cause excessive fatigue or require too much exertion

Rest and sleep –  The pregnant women get tired comparatively more easily,especially in the first and last trimesters .  She should provide for sufficient rest in her daily routine.  Normally it would be advisable for her to rest daily for 9 hours at night and at least 2 hours in the day time.  As the time for delivery draws near,she needs longer periods of rest.The pregnant women must form the habit of sleeping with her feet resting at slightly higher levels than the rest of the body.

Baths,Clothing and Foot wear

She should be bathe regularly to ensure perfect cleanliness of the body.She should wear clothes that allow her to move freely without inconvenience.  Loose fitting robes called maternity gowns cover the body well.  Only flat soled shoes or chappals must be worn.

  • X-Rays (Radiographs) – X Rays are harmful to the foetus especially embryonic stages.
  • Travel- There is no reason why a pregnant women should not travel.  But of course certain precautions must be taken.
  • Vaccines –  It is not advisable to administer any vaccine to a women during the first three four months of pregnancy

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