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Gemuse and Fruite Wash (Veggies Safe) wash all vegetables and fruits

Gemuse and Fruite Wash – Veggies Safe

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Eating more veggies and fruit will improve our diets and our personal fitness. Nutritionists recommend that consumers eat at least five servings or more of fruits and vegetables every day. But along with the increased emphasis on five a day, has come concern about the effects of pesticide residues and bacteria left on fresh

Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables is healthy,but care must be taken to be sure fruits and vegetables do not become contaminated with harmful bacteria.  In the latest research out of four people suffers from foodborne illness each year.  Some of these illness have been traced to eating raw fruits or vegetables

Safe handling fruits and vegetables with veggies safe or veggies wash

More than 8 million people get sick every year from dirty food, and according to a recent study  fruits and vegetables contaminated with harmful bacteria cause fifty percent of those illnesses.

Into the vacuum created by consumers concerns have stepped a whole industry of produce washes to clean fruits and vegetables. You have probably seen them at the entrance to the produce section of your local supermarket. These products claim to neutralize pesticide residues, remove wax from the surface of produce such as cucumbers, apples and oranges, and to kill dangerous bacteria such as E. coli. Some of these products claim to remove more dirt than water alone.

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The Food and Drug Administration says that all fruits and vegetables, including those that are organically grown, could benefit from a thorough washing to reduce soil, surface microbes and some pesticides also points out that an average of four people handled your apple before you chose it and up to 20 may have handled your tomato

A simple wash or rinse with water is not enough to wash bacteria off your leafy vegetables and fruits .  A 20 to 30 second plain water rinse will get rid of some bacteria,but for a more thorough germ killing rinse ,this veggies safe or veggies wash will help cut down on ny bugs that could make you sick

Add 1/4 cup of veggies safe or veggies wash (H2O2) to a sink of cold water and wash the vegetables and fruits in it .  After washing, thoroughly with cool water.This is perfect  way to wash fruits and vegetables to remove pesticides

Veggies – Add 3 oz to sink or bowl of water and soak for 1-20 minutes


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