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Have you heard of the medicinal benefits of Papaya in treating Dengue Fever?

Papaya – An ideal fruit for growing in kitchen gardens used in the treatment of Dengue Fever

Papaya ( Carica papaya) is an ideal fruit for growing in kitchen gardens


How this common man’s fruit used in the treatment of dengue fever  ?

The juice prepared from papaya leaves recorded significance increase of platlet count in randomized controlled trial conducted on patients with dengue fever and dengue hemorrhagic fever

Papaya an overview -With its soft butter-like consistency, the sweet papaya, that is available throughout the year

Papaya ( Carica papaya) is an ideal fruit for growing in kitchen gardens, backyards of homes as well as in orchards, especially those near the cities or big towns.  It is also grown extensively as a filler plant in the orchards.  Papaya is quick-growing and starts bearing within 8-10 months of transplanting.  Papaya cultivation is, indeed, very remunerative, if done on modern lines.

Papaya – Origin and History 

The papaya is an important fruit of tropical regions of the world.  It is a native of tropical America.   In India, Papaya was introduced by the Portugues during 1611.  It was taken by Spanish to Manila in the mid-16the century and reached grown extensively in Australia, Hawaii ,India, Sri-Lanka, Malaya, Myanmar, Taiwan etc..

Importance and Uses -Papaya Fruit – Papaya Leaves,Seeds and Fruit Medicinal Properties,Health values and culinary uses

Papaya ripe fruit -health benefits,medicinal values







Papaya is a very wholesome, refreshing and delicious fruit.  It is a rich source of vitamins.  Papaya contains about 2500 i.u of vitamin A and 85 mg of vitamin C per 100g pulp.  It is also fairly rich in calcium and other minerals.  The yellow pigment in papaya is due to caricaxanthin.  Papaya fruits contain a valuable proteolytic enzyme papain, which helps in the digestion of protein rich foods

Papaya is manufactured form the white latex of unripe papayas.  Similar To the animal enzyme pepsin, papain is reputed for its medicinal and industrial uses.  It is used for the treatment of ulcers and other ailments.  Skin blemishes are said to vanish when treated with  papain.

  • Consuming papaya will help reduce pain – arthritis,edema ,osteoporosis
  • Papaya juice helps in alleviating infection of the colon by clearing away the infection, pus and mucus.  Regular consumption will help in improving the problem
  • Papayas seeds and leaves are useful in treating intestinal worms found in the body
  • Papayas is low in calories and high in nutritive value hence it is an excellent food for those on a diet
  • papaya has anti inflammatory properties and anti-cancerous properties.  The anti-inflammatory properties in papaya will help reduce pain for these suffering form arthritis, edema and osteoporosis
  • The enzyme papain in papaya this makes it valuable to aid digestion.  Increasing consumption of pawpaw is a very good idea for the prevention of colon cancer risk
  • Papaya is rich in three essential antioxidants like vitamins C,E and A.  These nutrients prevent the oxidation of cholesterol.  Papayas also help  in preventing diabetic heart disease


Papaya Fruit-Raw Papaya – Culinary uses

Raw papaya-green papaya


Papaya can be eaten as such as a dessert fruit, when fully ripe or with salt,pepper,sugar or lime juice.  Its seeds are also eaten by some people for their slightly flavour and reputed medicinal value.  The unripe fruit can be used as vegetable.  Papaya fruits can also be made into pickles and preserves of various kinds.  The fruits are beneficial in piles dyspepsia if liver,spleen and digestive disorders.  Ripe fruits are used in preparation of jam,nectar,soft drinks,ice cream,flavouring crystallized fruits and are canned as syrup.   Young leaves are also used as vegetable.  Carpain obtained from papaya is utilized as diuretic and heat stimulant


Papaya – This multi faceted plant is is a neutraceutical plant having a wide range of medicinal values, pharmacological activates etc.,The whole plant has its own medicinal values.  The wide range of enzymes, vitamins present in  Carica papaya makes it a neutraceutical plant