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Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower – Which one is better according to Ayurveda ?

Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower

Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower

You must be probably now wondering why is this article about Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower. Does it really matter that we shower in hot or cold water? Now how will you decide what to opt for? Well since this question is solely subjective, before jumping into any conclusions, you need to see some of these factors. Each of it separately has its own benefits. But which is better, which is healthier? Read on for more details.

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Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower Benefits

Let us take a look at few of the benefits of both hot shower and cold shower below:

Cold Shower Benefits

  1. It tends to stimulate nerve endings and hence gives a jump start in the morning. Furthermore, it helps in getting rid of the laziness and makes us active.
  2. A cold shower releases the chemical beta-endorphins (depression killing chemicals) and therefore helps you to cure depressions.
  3. It improves the reproductive health in men by stimulating the release of testosterone.
  4. When you take a cold water shower, it mainly helps to improve the lung function.
  5. It stimulates the lymphatic and immune system of the body, thereby boosting the production of cells which fights against infections. Furthermore boosting your immune system.

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Hot Shower Benefits

  1. When you take a hot water shower, due to the warm temperature, it tends to kill all the germs in our body. Thus cleansing the body and making us healthy.
  2. It improves the flexibility of our muscles and also helps to relax sore muscles.
  3. A hot water bath lowers the sugar levels in the body, thus making your body less prone to diseases.
  4. Beneficial to treat cold and cough as the steam of the water helps to clear the airways and furthermore eliminating the congestion in the throat and nose.

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How To Choose Between Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower ?

Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower ? Which is better to shower ? Ayurveda suggests you to use hot water on the body, while cold water on the head. Washing your eyes and hair with hot water is not good for your health. The temperature of the water is based upon the below giving few factors.Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower

1. Depending On Age

Mostly all the youngsters, it is suggested to use cold water for bathing. And for old people, it is suggested to use hot water for bathing. And if you are a student and dedicated your majority of the time on studies, then using cold water is beneficial.

2. Based On Body Type

According to your Ayurveda, if your body type is Pitta, then it is better to use cold water for bathing. Likewise, if your body type is Kapha or Vata, then use hot water for bathing.

3. Depending On Diseases

If your body is suffering from any Pitta related diseases, like indigestion, liver disorders, then cold water shower will be advisable for your health. And if you are suffering from Kapha or Vata related disorders, then hot water shower is preferred. Furthermore, if you are an epilepsy patient, then both hot water shower and cold water shower are not recommended. Instead take bath using lukewarm water.

4. Based On Habits

If you work out regularly, a hot water bath is suggested.

5. Depending On What Time You Bathe

During morning, it is good to bathe with cold water. But if you are taking a bathe at the night, then use hot water shower, as it helps you to feel relaxed. According to Ayurveda, evening time is dominated by Vata, and bathing with hot water is important.

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Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower

How To Bath Properly ?

If you eat your food quickly, you won’t reap all the nutrients. Likewise, for bathing also the same is applicable. To gain freshness and clean yourself properly, a good bathing experience is a must. Follow this below mentioned process slowly so that every part of your body is exposed to water thoroughly. Here’s how you should bathe:

  1. Start by washing your hands and feet.
  2. If you are taking cold water shower, approach from the head to the toe.
  3. If you are taking hot water shower, approach your toes first and then move upwards to the head.
  4. Avoid soaps present with chemicals as the skin absorbs all the chemicals from the soaps.
  5. Indulge in a good oil massage with mustard oil, sesame oil or coconut oil before bath. It revitalizes the muscles and improves the texture of the skin.
  6. Do not rush or take it slow for bathing. For better hygiene, bath twice a day.
  7. Add few neem leaves in water and leave it for some time. Take a bath with this water as it improves the health of your skin.

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Hope all your doubts are cleared on Hot Shower Vs Cold Shower. Let us know in the comments which shower is better?

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