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How does millets consumption prevents excessive hair loss ?

Millets are gluten free, rich in fiber, proteins, minerals and Vitamins

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Millets are gluten free, rich in fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins.Besides being gluten-free, millets have higher nutritional value than wheat, especially phosphorus and iron. Its fiber content also helps prevent constipation and may reduce the risk of developing bowel disorders. Millets are easy to digest, contain a high amount of lecithin and are excellent for strengthening the nervous system. They contain complex carbohydrates which breaks down slowly and hence good for diabetic patients.

Millet contains several health friendly nutrients that are required for proper functioning of the body. iron and copper content in millet is needed for the production of blood cells and to improve blood  oxygenation. it also contains phosphorus which is conducive to control blood pressure. These minerals, along with the phyto-nutrients can help build a formidable defense against all types of diseases and cancers.

Benefits of Millets For Hair

How millets helps in hair growth natureloc

Millets are rich in protein, a nutrient highly recommended for people suffering from hair loss. Healthy hair requires sufficient intake of protein, as most of the hair itself is made of protein. The protein found within hair cells is known as keratin, which is directly responsible for the composition of each strand of hair. Lack of protein can lead to severe hair loss. Thus, an adequate intake of millets strengthens hair, making it stronger and less prone to breakage

Magnesium in millets reduces inflammation in the scalp to treat scalp conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dandruff. Millet is also beneficial for treating premature balding. Consuming Millet will help in ameliorating metabolic syndrome, a health condition which causes premature balding. Millets promote the circulation of blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth. Stress increases cortisol level in the body leading to massive hair shedding. Magnesium present in millets control hair loss by reducing cortisol level in the body. Premature graying of hair is caused mainly due to oxidation of the tissues. The potent antioxidants in millets effectively prevent the corrosion of tissues,thereby reducing the possibility of premature graying.

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