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Kerala Pickles – Pick your pickle-Pickling is a global culinary art

Kerala Pickles – Authentic Kerala Pickles

Kerala Pickles – Pickle is the oldest and most successful method of food preservation. The history of pickle making stretches back to 2030 B.C.  The pickles in South Asia are home made and every district, village and family has its own formula closely guarded and handed over from mothers to the daughters.Women from different regions prepared pickles differently. It is important to document them since each region has its own way of using spices and preparing them in a different way.

Kerala Pickles kadumango pickle

Kerala Pickles – Pickling is an ancient food preservation technique

It is an ancient technique – more than 4,000 years old. For thousands of years, our ancestors have explored ways to pickle foods, following an instinct to secure surplus food supplies for long winters, famine, and other times of need. Historians know,for instance, that over two thousand years ago, workers building the Great Wall of China ate sauerkraut, a kind of fermented cabbage.

Different varieties of Kerala Pickle

Large variety of pickles available in India. India has a large variety of pickles which are mainly made from mango,lime, Indian gooseberry (amla), chilli,birds eye chillies, vegetables such as egg plants, carrots,cauliflower, tomato, bitter gourd.Pickles (Achars) – An essential element of Kerala meals. Keralites always relish spicy, hot pickles or achars, especially during lunch and dinner. Pickles or achars is a side dish without which an Indian meal is incomplete. The most popular pickle recipes of Kerala are made of mangoes and lemon – you have tender mango pickles, lime pickle, dry mango pickles, sliced mango pickles and many more. Some of the other popular pickles are like ginger garlic pickles, gooseberry or nellikka pickle, chilli, prawn seer fish pickles and so on

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Kerala Mango Pickle – Kanni Manga achar, cut mango pickle,ada manga achar

A special variety of mango pickle prepared in Kerala Tender mango pickle and chethu manga achar.  This pickle, often described as king of all pickles, is a fine blend of cut mango pieces, red chilli powder, mustard seeds powder, salt and coconut oil or sesame oil,each ingredient used in specified proportion all raw and allowed to mature for few weeks in porcelain containers in hot summer.Cut-mango Pickle gets its name from the way mango pieces are sliced into big cubes to be pickled. They are commonly served at hotels and at home as an accompaniment with rice meals.

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