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Hydrogen Peroxide 6% -Safe handling, storage and safety informations

What is hydrogen peroxide 6% used for?

Hydrogen Peroxide 6%  Every Home Should Have At Least One Bottle Of Multipurpose Liquid (Peroxide)

  • The Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Peroxide 6% liberates oxygen and water during decomposition. Hydrogen Peroxide is found in nature even In Breast Milk.
  • The WBC also produces Hydrogen Peroxide to fight against the pathogens.
  • It is found in rain water mainly at the time of lightning; This is one of  the main reasons of healing effect of rain water. Hydrogen Peroxide Is widely used  in day to day life. It helps to minimize the usage of harmful chemicals.

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What is hydrogen peroxide – 6%? What to know about hydrogen peroxide

It is an antifungal and  antiseptic  agent used on the wounded skin to prevent infection. When applied to the skin, it releases oxygen and causes effervescence (foams). This helps remove dead skin and cleans the wound making the recovery process faster.  Solution Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H ₂O ₂.

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide. It is a colourless liquid at room temperature. Small amounts of gaseous hydrogen peroxide occur naturally in the air, but it is unstable and decomposes readily to oxygen and water with release of heat.

Hydrogen peroxide uses and benefits

Is hydrogen peroxide safe to use in the kitchen?hydrogen peroxide buy online natureloc for kitchen

Hydrogen peroxide colourless liquid is also good for cleaning walls, glass, glass doors, doorknobs, countertops, toilets, and other hard surfaces. Use this solution undiluted in a spray bottle and spray it on the surface to be cleaned. Allow it to stand for several minutes and then wipe it off.

Hydrogen peroxide safety information’s  

  • In case of contact with eyes and skin wash immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention, if required.
  • Use only in inanimate surface.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight without any contamination.

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