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Indigo Plant (Neelayamari)- Herbal Remedy for Toxicities

Indigo Plant – Botanical Name Indigofera tinctora L – Family – Fabaceae

Indigo Plant in different Indian Languages –

  • Sanskrit – Neeli Hindi – Neel
  • Bengali – Neel, Tamil – Neelam,Avari
  • Telugu – Avari Malayalam-Amari Neelachedi

Indigo Plant (Neelayamari) Properties

A shrub 2 metres high with branches which are bluish red when tender.  It has seven to 13 leaflets which turn from green to grayish black when dry.  The flowers are very small but bloom in great numbers.  The fruits are cylindrical pods which turn dark brown when ripe,each with ten to 12 seeds

  • Grows through out India in the plains
  • Parts used – whole plant
  • The plant yield blue coloured indigotin (indigo blue) which in the olden days was a valuable dye
  • The plant parts are bitter thermogenic,laxative,expectorant,anthelmintic,tonic and diuretic.  It is believed to promote hair growth
  • It is also useful in treating gastropathy,cardiopathy,bronchitis,ulcers,skin,epilepsy and nervous disorders.  The plant also has anti-toxic properties

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IndigoPlant (Neela amari)Therapeutic uses

  • The active ingredient ‘Indigotin’ is insoluble in water and spirit.  So fresh juice and the powdered from are more potent.
  • Ten ml of fresh juice with honey taken twice daily cures hepatitis,splenomegaly and jaundice
  • Neeli is an anti-toxic.  The paste of the entire plant can be applied externally to cure insect bite
  • Ground roots with goats milk cures dysuria
  • Powdered flowers or beans with ghee butter is a purgative and removes toxin.
  • Powdered toos 5 gms with milk cures tuberculosis
  • Chewing roots provide relief from toothache
  • Decoction of neelayamri roots with turmeric powder cures fever
  • External application of roots paste shrinks the piles
  • In case of rabies, fresh juice should be used internally with  milk early in the morning for 3 days
  • External application leaf paste is useful in treating leucoderma
  • Oil from neelayamari improves hair growth cures dandruff
  • Neelyamari is a natural hair dye

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