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  • Is it advisable to use bitter gourd juice for diabetes? Will it reduce blood sugar?

Is it advisable to use bitter gourd juice for diabetes? Will it reduce blood sugar?


Is it advisable to use bitter guard juice for diabetes

Bitter gourd is one of a unique vegetable-fruit that can either be used as a medicine or food. Bitter gourd juice is known to have a unique quality of reducing the blood sugar level.

It is considered as the most bitter among all varieties of fruits and vegetables. These plants are mostly seen in the tropical and subtropical regions of Asia, South America, the Caribbean and many parts of Africa.

Bitter Gourd

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common health problems around the world. Diabetes has many of the symptoms like weight loss, increased urination, blurred vision, slow healing of cuts and bruises, excessive thirst and fatigue. The two main type of diabetes are
  • Type 1 diabetes: In this type of diabetes, the body does not produce insulin for blood sugar disintegration and thereby energy generation.
  • Type 2 diabetes: It is normally the initial stage of diabetes. In this stage, the body does not generate enough insulin or the insulin that is produced does not work properly.

Bitter gourd can help to manage diabetes better

As everyone knows there is no perfect cure for diabetes, but if you can keep the blood sugar levels in control then you can lead a normal life. This is why one should have an understanding about the health benefits of bitter gourd juice.
  • Many of us discard bitter gourd for its bitter taste but are you aware of the nutritional abundance in bitter gourd. The two essential compounds called momordin and charatin in fresh bitter guard juice can play a key role in reducing the blood sugar levels. It can have an influential role in glucose metabolism all over the body.
  • Natural ingredients in bitter guard may increase the secretion of pancreatic insulin and reduces insulin resistance. Hence, it can be useful against type 1 and type 2 diabetes. However, it is not advisable to entirely replace insulin treatment with the intake of natural bitter gourd juice.
  • Bitter gourd juice can act as a natural blood purifier. As bitter gourd is known for the presence of iron, it can help with the treatment of anaemia.
  • The anti-oxidants presence in bitter gourd may help the body in fighting various complications associated with diabetes. It is useful in diffusing the effects of free radical. The presence of plant insulin called ‘polypeptide-P‘ in bitter gourd seeds  mimic the insulin secreted by the human pancreas. It can help to reduce the blood sugar level.

How to prepare bitter gourd juice

Cut bitter gourd into pieces with the skin and the seeds, soak these in water containing salt and turmeric for 15 minutes. This will reduce the bitter taste. Take out the pieces and grind it with water and few drops of lemon. Take this juice on an empty stomach. Try to add a few pieces of Indian gooseberry or amla for a sour taste. The addition of amla will boost your immune system and act as an important source of vitamin C.

Bitter gourd juice