Pineapple – Nature’s Healing Fruit

Pineapple – America’s favorite tropical fruit 

pine apple tree

Pineapple is one of the most important commercial fruit of the world.  It is considered the popular fruit of tropical climate.  Pineapple is believed to have originated in Brazil. The generic name Ananas is derived form the Indian ‘nana’. Pineapple A perennial or biennial herb, 50-150 cm tall, with leaves that are sword-shaped and up to 1 m long with a spiny margin or almost entire. They are arranged in a tight spiral clasping the main stem. The flower head is compact with numerous small reddish-purple flowers each surrounded by a sharp pointed bract. The fruit is a multiple fruit formed by an extensive thickening of the flower axis and the fusion of the individual fruits. The skin is formed from the persistent sepals and flower bracts as the fruit develops.

Pineapple is a good source of vitamin A and B and rarely rich in vitamin C and minerals like calcium, phosphorous and iron.  It is also a source of bromelain, a protein digesting enzyme.

The fresh fruit of pineapple is used as a dessert fruit in the form of slices.  The fruit is used for juice, squash, jam, mixed jam and in canned form.  Fruit core is used for preparing candy.  Pine apple leaf isa good source of chlorophyll.  pine apple fruit can also be used for making vinegar, citric acid and alchahol

Pineapple bromelain – helpful enzyme

Pine apple fruits

The pineapple promotes circulation and has diuretic properties
It contains bromelain,a compound that helps to digest food
It is depurative and anti inflammatory,very suitable in the diet for arthritis and pain

Pineapple health benefits,medicinal values,uses 

Digestive fruit :Its collection of enzymes, bromelain cleaves the protein bonds making meat and other concentrated protein foods much easier to break down and digest

It is regulates the gland and found to be helpful in cases of goiter

An anti-inflammatory fruit – Its anti-inflammatory properties useful to reduce pain. Adding pine apple to salads and other food , mixed possibly with papaya helps to overcome joint painpine apple juice

Pineapple uses in many other ways  – It is eaten as fresh on its own

Added – fruit salads, cakes ice cream, pies and other desserts

Crystallized and dried pineapple are eaten as snacks

The fresh fruit of pine apple is used as a dessert fruit in the form of slices. The fruit is used for juicemsquash,jam,mixed jam,and in canned form. Fruit core is used for preparing candy. Pine apple leaf isa good source of chlorophyll. pine apple fruit can also be used for making vinegar,citric acid and alchahol

Pineapple products include pineapple slices,  juice concentrates and pulps. In order to increase the shelf life and to make pine apple juice and slices available even during off-season, canning is the most popular method. Canned pine apple slices and juice are consumed as dessert, in fruit salads, while making cakes and pastries etc.