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Jaggery varieties – Palm,Date Palm,Sugarcane jaggeries (Sharkkara)

Jaggery (Sharkara or Sarkkara or Gur) – A traditional Indian sweetener


India is the largest consumer and the second largest producer of sugar in the world.  Jaggery and khandsari are traditional Indian swsweetenershich are produced in addition to sugar from sugarcane.  These traditional sweeteners are the natural mixture of sugar and molasses.  If pure clarified sugarcane juice is boiled,what is left as solid is jaggery.  Khandsari sugar is finely granulated crystallised sugar . The quality of the jaggery is dependent on the cane juice which in turn is determined by the variety and the environment in which the cane is grown

 Jaggery is often called medicinal sugar

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Jaggery is a wholesome diet.  It contains minerals,important among them are iron,calcium,magnesium, and phosphorus Jaggery also contains reducing sugars including glucose and fructose,protein and fat.  Daily use of jaggery may increase human life span.  Incidence of less diabetes is reported in jaggery consuming areas compared to sugar consuming areas.  Jaggery is often called medicinal sugar and possess nutritive properties of high order.  It purifies the blood,prevents rheumatic afflictions and bile disorder.

Magnesium found in jaggery strengthens the nervous system and potassium conserve the acid balance in the cells and combats acids and acetones.  jaggery is very rick in iron and prevents anemia.  Jaggery supplements the requirement of iron and calcium in women and children and also increases vitality in men and help in digestion.  The micronutrients present in jaggery have antitoxic and anti carcinogenic properties.  Its dietary intake can prevent the atmospheric pollution related toxicity and the incidence of lung cancer

Jaggery varieties and different types – Palm Jaggery,Date Palm Jaggery,Sugarcane jaggery


Jaggery is available in the market mainly in three forms namely solid jaggery,liquid jaggery and granular jaggery.The liquid jaggery is being utilized as sweetening agent in foods and drinks in Maharashtra,Gujarat,Kerala..Also it is being used in pharmaceutical formulations

Jaggery made from the sap of palms,sugarcane date palm,toddy palm and few other plants.  The various types of jaggery are sugarcane jaggery,palm jaggery,date palm jaggery,toddy palm jaggery,and other palm jaggery

Sugar cane jaggery – Golden brown to dark brown colour

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Sugar cane jaggery is prepared by boiling sugar cane juice.  Sugarcane juice extraction,juice clarification,juice concentration by boiling,cooling of concentrated juice followed by molding and storage.  Sugarcane jaggery taste is very sweet,hint of slat depending upon the juice extracted

Date Palm /Palm jaggery – Very sweet with typical aroma palm sap like dark chocolate


Karuppatti – palm jaggery / panai vellam. Palm jaggery is a kind of sweetener used in South India.It is  is made from the extract of palm trees.  This process does not involve ny chemical agents and hence all the natural mineral salts are retained without adding any preservatives of chemicals.Jaggery is known to have various medicinal properties and other health benefits.It is a relatively unrefined sugar. Jaggery is known to have various medicinal properties and other health benefits.It is a relatively unrefined sugar.

Jaggery health artciles

Marayoor Sarkkara (Marayur Jaggery) – The sweetest jaggeries in the world

Palm Jaggery – An Excellent Nutritional Sweetener

Avoid sugar in your kids diet – Sweeten Porridge ,milk ,juice with honey,palm jaggery syrup

Palm Jaggery – An Excellent Nutritional Sweetener

Palm Jaggery – An Excellent Nutritional Sweetener

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