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Marayur Sharkara Or Marayur jaggery GI Tag -Agmark Grade Marayoor jaggery

What is Marayur Sharkara Or Marayur jaggery?

Marayoor Sharkara Or Marayur jaggery is derived from sugarcane and it is a type of cane sugar. It comes in different forms, from semi-liquid to solid blocks of distinct shapes and sizes. Marayoor jaggery has high nutritional value as it is rich in fibre and vital nutrients and is free from chemicals. It is an indispensable ingredient in several Indian recipes. It tastes absolutely divine.

Marayoor Sarkara Marayur jaggery Geographical Indication tag (GI Tag) and Agmark Grade

GI tag marayoor jaggery making it safe for consumption while rejuvenating the traditional way of production and ensuring a safe market in future. The GI tag would aid in initiating legal action against fake jaggery being sold as Marayur jaggery. Buy Online  healthy Marayur Jaggery


 Marayoor sarkkara  is one of the sweetest jaggeries

Marayoor ‘Unda Sharkarai’ (Marayoor Jaggery) is one of the sweetest jaggeries produced in Idukki. Made using only traditional methods, it is dark brown in colour, high in sweetness and iron, with less sodium content and insoluble impurities.

Marayoor’s peculiar geographical location which is in the Western Ghats gives the sugarcane the peculiar geographical identity. In addition to this, the ancient specialized skill of the farmers in making the jaggery in the farm itself, bring a unique product. It is therefore in heavy demand in Kerala cuisine across the country for the preparation of sweet dishes.

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Health Benefits of Marayur Jaggery Marayoor sarkkara

  • Jaggery prevents anaemia                       

Jaggery is rich in iron and folate that controls the normal level of RBC and thereby prevent anaemia. According to health experts, women should eat jaggery on a daily basis to maintain the RBC at normal levels. It also gives instant energy to the body.


  • Jaggery controls weight

Since Jaggery contains high levels of potassium that helps the equilibrium of electrolytes, builds muscles and also increases metabolism.

  • Jaggery controls blood pressure

Jaggery made from sugarcane is rich in potassium and sodium, that assist maintain acid levels in the body. It also maintains the level of blood pressure in the body.

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