Kakkumkaya – Entada rheedii – African Dream Herb

An ayurvedic herb medicinal plant – Kakkumkaya – Entada rheedii – African Dream Herb

Kakkumkaya Entada rheedii African Dream Herb natureloc

Entada rheedii Spreng E. rheedii Spreng commonly known as Match Box Bean,Kakkumkaya in malayalam,African Dream Herb or Snuff Box Sea Bean, and as the Cacoon Vine in Jamaica,Gilla,Barabi, Chian, Ghila.  E. rheedii Spreng, family Fabaceae are widely grown in tropical and subtropical countries bordering the Indian Ocean  Seeds of kakkum kaya are known in the Egyptian herbal market as antirheumatic, anti-inflammatory, dietary supplement and in weight gain preparations.The seeds are very hard and have woody shell.  Seed surface is smooth and olive brown or black in colour.

Sea bean ( kakkumkaya  Paranda valli, Malamanjadi,  Perim-kakku valli,Makkum kaya) medicinal uses and health benefits

Entada-Rheedi-African-Dream-Bean-Matchbox-Snuff-Box-Plant seeds nautreloc

Traditional use of this seeds ,the inner meat of this seeds would be either consumed directly,chopped,dried,or mixed with other herbs. The plant is also used as topical ointment against toothache,ulcers,jaundice,and to treat muscular  skeletal problems.In Kerala in the month of Karikidakam,people prepared popular Karkataka Medicinal Kanji (rice gruel) for rejuvenation of health.This medicinal kanji herbal ingredients one of the ingrident is Kakkumkaya around 23 herbs powder used  with one liter water for 5  minutes,filter this liquid ,use this liquid extract of medicines for cooking the najavara rice.  It exclusives used for dinner in the month of karkidakam  It is believed that the plant produces, in varying quantities, saponins, fatty oils and other potentially psychoactive alkaloids. A strong tea is made from the leaves to induce vomiting in patients with stomach aches, abdominal pains, and diarrhea. A weaker tea is made from the bark and used to help reduce the high temperature in fever patients.

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