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Kannan Kaya Powder (Kunnankaya podi – Raw Banana Powder)

Kannan Kaya Powder -Kunnankaya podi – The ancestral baby food of Kerala

Banana-Tree-Ethakka-Nature’s-Gift-For-Your-Health-Ehtkaa podi

Most of the parents have concerns over the nutritional value of the food being given to their babies. Is it nutritious enough? What is the correct food habits for babies after six months?

What’s the correct time to start solid food and so on…Its never been  easy for us to select a nutritious diet for our baby.Natural home made foods are 100% better .  You can give Koovapodi porridge ,Ethakapodi,Ragi porridge ,broken whet etc..,Home made food is always better.

Please note 

Avoid tin foods . Tin foods contain high amount of sugar and other preservatives. In many children/kids, it can cause mucus formation or constipation

Because of the sweetness and some other preservatives ingredients, they may not show interest to eat other homely food items, if they are used to tin foods. In kerala  we have used Kannan kaya porridge its no harm .Food given to babies should be 100% pure and natural. Banana porridge prepared from natural Kannan kaya powder is believed to be an ideal food for the babies.Raw banana powder is power packed with carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. It is a source of energy required for babies, toddlers and even adults.

How can I make Kannan Kaya porridge at home?

You can uses readily available kannan kaya powder or Buy Dried kannan Kaya pieces ,grind it .Add 2 tablespoons of kannan kaya powder in 1 cup of water or milk.Stir in the powder so that it do not form lumps. When the powder dissolves completely in the milk or water.Stir in medium flame until the porridge is cooked. Add jaggery syrup to it and add a tsp on ghee to it

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