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Karimkurinji or Strobilanthus-Ayurveda for Rheumatism from vedic Time


Karimkurinji or Strobilanthus

Karimkurinji is a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal shrub.Its height is about 1 meter.The leaves are hairy .The flowers of the Kurinji are blue in colour.This will be  flowering during the September-October month.The seeds are containing a capsule.Its root is black and it is fibrous.This is also known as Strobilanthus(in English) Sahachara, Sahajara, Sairayea, Daasi(in Sanskrit) and Krunji in Malayalam.Its botanical name is Strobulanthus heiniyanus. Kurinji is commonly found is Western ghats, wet forests and plain areas in India.The whole plant can be used for medicinal purposes.

The leaves of Karimkurinji is a rich source of Potassium.The roots of the plant contain a compound called lupeol.This can be extracted from the roots and it has  high medicinal value.Kurinji is used for making Rasayana in Ayurveda.Other than Rheumatic disorders it can be used for Vata disorders, leprosy, to control blood sugar, urinal problems, jaundice, excess menses,skin inflammations or allergy,toothache etc.It can be also used for Post natal care.

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Karimkurinji(Strobilanthus for Rheumatism

Dried Karimkurinji from www.NatureLoC.com

Dried Karimkurinji from www.NatureLoC.com

  • The decoction made from Karimkurinji is used for Rheumatism.
  • For rheumatic disorders , the leaves of Kurinji are heated and grind.And this mix is applied externally on the affected parts.
  • For diseases of Vatha like Arthritis Kurinji can be used.For this bake the leaves of Strobilanthus and then tied this in a piece of cloth like a bundle .This bundle is called kizhi.This can be used over the affected area after oil application.

Karimkurinji or Strobilanthus for Other Diseases




  • For tooth pain, the decoction made from the whole plant can be used.And the crushed leaves of the plant can be kept between the affected teeth.
  • Kuzhambu made from kurinji can be used for Post natal (Post Delivery)care
  • The juice of Kurinji with other medicines can be used for diabetes , skin infections and for urinary tract infections.
  • For skin inflammations the grounded leaves of the plant are mixed with rice water  can be used

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