Karkidaka Kanji – Relevance of karkadaka kanji

Karkidaka Kanji – Relevance of karkadaka kanji

Karkidaka kanji is a famous dietary form of medicated preparation that is to be taken in Karkidakom to boost the immunity and thereby regain the sharirabala of the individual. In early days, people used to take rest as there was no job (heavy rainfall) during this time. So they had taken medicinal herbs and prepared their diet (karkidakam kanji) with that and found that it was highly effective in regaining their strength .But now this has turned out to be a flourished business.

Karkidakam - Karkkidakkam

Karkidakam-Karkidakkam – Diet to be followed during Karkadakom

 Why in kanji form ? – Oushatha  Kanji

Kanji is the diet that is most satmya to the keralites . Moreover, Kanji (peya) is indicated in kshut (hunger), trshna (thirst), glani (tiredness), daurbalya (weakness), kukshiroga (abdominal discomfort), jwara (fever). It promotes anulomana to mala & vata (prevents constipation), deepana pachana (agni dipti).

If it is used in any other form it actually will not give this much result. Eg: if used in kasaya form, it may cause stambhana (due to the “kasaya”rasa) thereby causing vata vitiation.

As this is used in kanji form (a dietary form which is satmya) more quantity will be taken as compared than other forms of medication (therby acts as ahara & aushada at the same time).

Also, this being in this particular form can be prepared by any keralite very easily.

The ingredients and method of preparation of Oushatha Kanji 

KarkidakaKanji or Oushadha Kanji, Medicinal Porridge

Karkidaka Kanji, Oushadha Kanji, Medicinal Porridge - Healthyliving Natureloc

Dashapushpam, thazhutama, changalamperanda etc.

In normally healthy individual this can be taken according to the availability of the abovesaid drugs, because there is no “specific recipie” for karkidaka kanji in the classics.

In case of diseased, the ingredients must be varied in accordance with the disease of the patient.

For instance in a diabetic patient: uluva, cherupayar can be taken as the main ingredient.

In patients of renal complaints, thazhutamma should be selected as the main ingredient.

In hyperlipedemic patients, curry leaves, thazhuthamma , uluva, mutira can be selected (ghee can be avoided).

In hypertensive patients, thazhutamma, muringaela can be selected. In asthma patients, putharichunda, jiraka, kurunthotti, chukku can be taken as the main ingredients.

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