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Kiriyath – Chirata (Swertia chiratta) – Nilavepp Medicinal plant

Kiriyath  – Chirata (Swertia chiratta) – Nilavepp Medicinal plant in Ayurveda

Kiriyath (കിരിയാത്ത്) - Chirata (Swertia chiratta) - Nilavepp (നിലവേപ്പ്) natureloc

Kiriyath  Nilavepp  “King of bitters ” is one of the valuable medicinal plant in Ayurveda.  This is an annual erect plant reaches  height 60-125 cm ,branching,cylindrical below and four angled upwards,ovate leaves,greenish yellow,tinged purple in large leafy  plant.  It is known by different names such as  Kiratatikta, Kandatikta, Bhoonimba, Tiktaka, Bhūnimba (Sanskrit),Kiryat, Kirayat (Hindi) ,Chiretta plant (English) ,Kiriyath,   Nilavepp (Malayalam)

Kiriyath – Chirata – King of bitters – Normalize blood sugar

Kiriyath കിരിയാത്ത് Chirata Swertia chiratta Nilavepp നിലവേപ്പ് buy online natureloc

Kiriyath (Chiretta) native to Himalayas , the whole plant is used medicinally. Chirayata is an excellent remedy for strengthening the stomach and promoting its action. It is used in the treatment of dyspepsia and diarrhea. Chiretta stimulates the digestion and helps to normalize blood sugar, which makes it useful for diabetics.   This herb reduces the sugar levels only when they are high, which lowers the risk of hypoglycemia. The bitterness of the herb stimulates saliva and gastric juices, which help stop nausea, bloating, indigestion and hiccups. It is also used for fever and to rid the body of parasites. It is a tonic for the heart, liver and eyes, and can be useful to relieve sciatica, cough, scanty urine and melancholia. Chiretta is used as a preventative measure for malaria during epidemics. It is given as a tonic to people convalescing from a long illness. This herb is antimicrobial. Kiriyath herb is antimicrobial. Studies are underway to see if this herb continues to offer a reduction in cancer cells when taken to fight cancer.Its decotion can be added to a bath to help skin rashes. Skin diseases with burning sensations, oozing and itching respond well to this herb.

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