Millets – Lowers the risk of diabetes

Millets have higher nutritional value than wheat

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Millets are gluten free, rich in fiber, proteins, minerals and vitamins.Besides being gluten-free, millets have higher nutritional value than wheat, especially phosphorus and iron. Its fiber content also helps prevent constipation and may reduce the risk of developing bowel disorders. Millets are easy to digest, contain a high amount of lecithin and are excellent for strengthening the nervous system. They contain complex carbohydrates which breaks down slowly and hence good for diabetic patients.

Millets  Lowers the risk of diabetes 

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Millets helps to lower blood glucose levels and improves insulin response. Besides, the magnesium present in millets is a co-factor in various enzymes involved in the secretion of insulin and metabolism of glucose in the body. Whole grains improve insulin sensitivity by lowering glycemic index of the diet by increasing content of fibre, magnesium and vitamin-E

Millets have a low Glycemic index compared to most other cereals.

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Glycemic index is a scale that ranks carbohydrates by how much they raise the blood glucose levels compared to a reference food .Glycemic index is based on the quality and not the quantity of carbohydrates. Millets have a low Glycemic index compared to most other cereals. Since millets have a low Glycemic index they increase satiety by decreasing hunger because it slows the rate of digestion. Type of starch(amylase/ amylopectin ) also influences the Glycemic index. Millets have a high amylase content which is why they are slow absorbing and sustainably release sugar to our blood and enable to work for long durations.

Millets  are a rich source of phosphorus which is an important mineral for energy production

Millets are a rich source of phosphorus which is an important mineral for energy production and is an essential component of ATP-the energy store of the body. It also forms an essential part of nervous system and cell membranes. Magnesium from millets also helps to relax blood vessels, enhances nutrient delivery by improving the blood flow and maintains the blood pressure and thus further protects the cardiovascular system. Millet is such a grain that should be included in the list of heart-healthy choices because of its status as a good source of magnesium. Magnesium increases insulin sensitivity and lowers triglycerides. It .converted to mammalian lignans and enterolactone by the healthy gut micro flora n our body which is throught to protect against breast cancer

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