Monsoon Health Tips – Care tips for this season

Monsoon Health Tips What’s effective ?.

The immunity level of the body becomes low during monsoon.  There are several infections taking pace in the body which lead to number of diseases related to different systems.  There can be stomach problems like indigestion, dysentery and typhoid or there can be respiratory problems like common cold, cough and asthma and also skin problems like eczema, rashes, boils and pimples.

The season tends to infect the air, atmosphere, surroundings food and drinks that are the basic necessities for person to live.  Skin and hair also cannot be left behind from the harsh treatment of the moist humid rainy weather.

Let your umbrellas be out with your easy breathy outfits and flip flops to cherish the lovely season in full swing.

Know  5 Monsoon Skin Care Tips – How can you take care of your skin ?

Monsoon Health Tips  Say No to Make Up

Make up must be last thing you should consider wearing during the rainy season.  We believe that every woman is beautiful in er own special and unique ways, so dab that lip gloss and wear light minimal powder to avoid any infection.  Rains are the best time for bacteria and microbes to get in full action and lead to several serious skin problems.

Monsoon Health Tips

It is important to indulge in cleansing of your skin by using a mild face wash to remove the impurities  from the surface if your skin.  To avoid any infection, try to use mild face wash or resort to homemade face packs ,soapy content can prove to be futile during monsoon especially for sensitive skin.

Homemade face packs

Indulge in gorgeous beauty of homemade natural face packs for an ultimate glowing and healthy looking skin.  Use ingredients like honey, lemon juice, yogurt and papaya and use the concoction on your skin for an ever glorious moisturized skin.  Fullers earth is also a wonderful natural remedy to use during monsoon with a pinch of rose water mixed it for added benefit.

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Wear your sunscreen

So what that the sun isn’t shining on your face, it’s important to wear your sun screeen.  Beat the misconception  that sun screen is beneficial only in summers.  Get your SPF 30 and wear it the entire day.

Rainy season skin care

After bearing that extreme heat of the sun, those sun burns, tans, sweaty ( and stinky ) summer days, monsoon comes as a sign of relief.  But what about the tons of infections, that gets along with it, given to the the damp and humid weather?   Well it’s unavoidable.  Every season comes with some good news and some bad news, but it’s up to us to embrace it and make the best use of it. Today in this post we shall discuss about some of the best skin care tips for this rainy season.

It’s been proven over the years that little changes in the way you take care of your skin could have a positive effect on you during this monsoon season.

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Monsoon Skin Care Tips – Things To Avoid

No Bleaching

Few of them regularly apply bleach over their face to get a glow. But, Monsoon Skin Care Tips include avoiding of bleaching. You may use bleach in any other season when bleaches should be strictly avoided. This can even make your face rough.

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