Myths and Facts about regulating diabetes

Diabetes Myths and Facts

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Currently,around 65 million people are diagnose with diabetes in India and this  number is one the rise.  A healthy life style is the best preventive measure against diabetes,even if one has a family history.  This means at least 150 minutes of exercise a week.  It also means building healthy food habits on a daily basis and this requires planning and commitment not only the patient but by the family members too

Healthy diabetic menu plans – Meals plans

Diabetes Myth 1 – Eating healthy is expensive.

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Sensible planning will save your health and your pocket:

  • Look for sales in the supermarket; prepare a grocery list before purchasing groceries.
  • Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • Fleuse leftovers – toasted sandwich or stuffed rotis, or even a vegetable.
  • Base your meals according to the family’s food choices, adjust portions, make healthy alternatives within the same menu like brown rice and dal, oats and poha.

Diabetes Myth 2 – People with diabetes cannot eat the same food other members of the family are eating.

Diabetics can make simple changes to a menu with food items that are enjoyed by all the family members by adding healthier options but consuming the same in small portions.They can eat brown rice, sambhar, oats, poha and vegetables instead of eating white rice, bread etc.

Diabetes Myth 3-People with diabetes cannot eat dessert.

Follow a healthy eating plan which includes occasional sweets. This allows you to enjoy the flavour and a social occasion without harming the diet. For example, try two teaspoons of kheer with fruits like apple or pomegranate,instead of just a bowl of kheer.

Myth 4- I cannot get diabetes, there is no one in my family who has diabetes.

Your lifestyle, that is your food,exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking play a major part in developing diabetes, even without having a family history.

Diabetes – Myth 5 Getting treated for diabetes means becoming insulin dependent.

Diabetes can be treated with both medicines and insulin. ln fact, in the most harmonious treatment diabetes and the most effective.Also sometimes, insulin is used temp bring the sugar in control.

Myth 6 lf !don’t feel anything,  don’t need to check my sugar levels.

Most people do not feel anything when they have diabetes which is what makes it a silent killer. Not checking your sugar levels is like driving a car without a speedometer or sitting for an exam without a watch.


Diabetic Menu Plans – Healthy Diet

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