Navara rice NEF (UNF) organic navara rice

Navara rice where to buy in USA?  What is navara rice ? Where do we get NEF (UNF) organic njavara rice ?

Navara rice is a medicinal rice,is said to be like gold among the rice varieties having a rich aroma and precious grains with great potentialities to develop as a health food carrying a lot of medicinal properties. UNF organic njavara rice is traditional medicinal rice used as health food and cultivated organically is one of the native genetic resources of Kerala, famed for its use in Ayurveda.

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i Where to buy navara rice in USA
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iv Is it beneficial for low weight babies

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 Navara rice NEF (UNF) organic navara rice

In ashtanga  samgraha  as translated  from Sanskrit rice means the paddy which matures in 60 days,is best among the rice, and unctuous,  easily digestible,sweet,mitigates all the three  doshas, stays long inside the body

Njavara rice is sastike rice variety of Kerala.  It is used as  nutritional rice and health food. It has been recognised for its medicinal values from very olden times cultivation of this rice variety in pure form is almost extinct.

Njavara rice  – The Ancient Healer Unique grain plant  indigenous to Kerala

Navara rice Worlds largest navara farm s situated on the banks of river “Shokanashini” (destroyer of sorrows) at Chittur,Kerala.  NEF is a family run farm which is more than hundred years old. P. Narayanan Unny of the third generation runs the farm now.The entire farm and its products are certified organic.The farm has taken leadership in forming rice clusters for Navara and Palakkadan Matta varieties of rice

It is believed that Navara cultivated in upland areas is more potent medicinally.  The farmers speak of Navara as “gold with fragrance” because if a farmer had a stock of Navara seeds with him,he could earn a good price in any season.  It has been used for curing rheumatism in the folk medicine of Kerala.  The “shastikathailam” extracted from the bran of the rice is used for curing neurological diseases, body pain and eye disorders

 Navara rice NEF (UNF) organic navara rice

Medicinal uses of Njavara rice

Navarakizhi and Navaratheppu are two major treatments in Ayurveda for conditions such as arthritis, paralysis, neurological disorders.

Navara palkanji: Boiled milk mixed with cooked Navara rice is easily digestible and used as a health food for older people.

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