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Pickles and Papad – Favourite side dish that accompanies most meals

Pickles and papad often play the role of savious in Indian meals.  They can immediately make any bland or boring food hot and spicy.  When you don’t  like the vegetables or dishes that have been prepared at home,you call for pickle.  When the poha or upma or rice seems dry and flavourless is ,you add some spicy and sour pickle.  When there is nothing to eat parathas,chapatis ,a tablespoon of pickle acts as the best accompaniment.  Kichadi in most homes considered unpalatable unless coupled with some pickle.

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Though it is rich in taste,pickle is also one food item which renders healthy stuff unhealthy.  Its ingredients like raw mango,amla,vegetable,lemons and so on are actually extremely healthy,but the way pickles are made transforms them into being unhealthy and harmful for health

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Pickles and Papad  – Papad Crisp and multi flavoured side dish





Like pickles,papad is another favourite side-dish that accompanies most meals.  The crisp,multi-flavoured papad has two hidden unhealthy ingredients similar to those found in pickles.  However in the case of papd,they do not stand our just as much as they do in pickles.

These two hidden unhealthy ingredients are – Salt and Oil

Salt – A high amount of salt is used in preparing pickles,both for seasoning and preservation.  A lot of salt means high sodium intake, which is strongly associated with developing the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension and heart disease.  It is recommended that healthy people should consume less than 2,300 mg of sodium or one teaspoon of salt a day,which you can easily get from your daily food.  You actually don’t need to add any salt to your diet.  Each serving of pickle adds approximately 300mg of sodium to your daily intake,which is extremely high.

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Oil –  It is used as a preservative in addition to imparting taste to pickles.  Fruits or vegetables being pickled are chopped and soaked in oil,which protects the pickle from getting moist and spoiling.  Oil also prevents contamination of pickles by bacteria and fungi,thereby increasing their self-life.  However,consuming higher amounts of oil increase your risk of developing cardiac disease

By saying this,we don;t mean you should totally stop treating your taste buds to the spicy and tangy pickles and papads.  But you should consider reducing the frequency and quantity of consumption to ensure that you enjoy them, rather than suffer after having them.  Opt for homemade pickles and papads where you are sure about the ingredients that have been used.  Also, opt for roasted papad instead of fried, to lessen the additional oil that will be used in the frying process

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