Pistachios – One of the best fiber nuts

Pistachios – One of the best fiber nuts – Skinny Nut

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Nobody is a stranger to pistachios, one of the popular nuts often used in many desserts. Botanically they belong to Anacardiaceae family, of the genus pistacia. Pistachios are becoming generally known by the health, nutrition experts as the “skinny nut” Besides being tasty, they have numerous health benefits, too

Health properties -Medicinal values – Commercial uses – Culinary uses -Pistachios

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This fiber nut belongs to the anacardaceae family – genus – Pistacia.ts tree takes about ten to twelve or thirteen years to produce the first crop.  Nuts of pistachios are not seasonal and are available all  year.  Like all nuts, pistachios are a rich source of protein and fiber helps the digestive process.  Besides being tasty, they have numerous health benefits, too

Pistachios -Vitamin E – Skin health

This beautiful green nut’s properties of Vitamin E enrich your skin and protect the skin  from damage due to premature aging, skin cancer  and UV rays

Vitamin B6 – Fostering immunity and healthy blood

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Pistachios are rich in source of Vitamin B 6, is essential for the production of hemoglobin. This vitamin is also great for immunity, maintaining healthy production of red and white blood cells, healthy spleen and lymph nodes

Carotenoids – Zeaxanthin and lutein – Pistachios

By eating pistachios  stabilize the healthy vision These

Pistachios contain good source of two  carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin) maintain healthy vision.  These offer protection from free radicals and also pistachios have been linked to lower the risk of developing macular degeneration

Pistachios  – Good for cholesterol and beneficial for diabetics

Diabetic persons can benefit by eating a handful of this purple dry fruit – It contain a rich source of phosphorus -beneficial for breaking down proteins into amino acids and for glucose tolerance.  It also helps  to reduce bad cholesterol, LDL and increase good cholesterol in the human body, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Buying and storing  tips
Pistachios is available in different forms ie., salted,  shelled, roasted, unshelled etc. Its always advisable to buy settle raw unshelled pistachios, unshelled ones are in their natural and fresh and are least processed

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