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15 Potassium-Rich Foods Which Can Turn You Into Superman Right Now

Potassium-Rich Foods

Potassium-Rich Foods

Potassium-Rich Foods is one important mineral that helps maintain the electrolyte balance in the body. And being the third most abundant mineral in the body, it also is essential for the functioning of the heart, kidneys, brain, and the muscular tissues. In this article we will look at the top 15 potassium-rich foods and their benefits. Insufficient levels of potassium in the blood can cause severe headaches, heart palpitations, and other complications – and avoiding all of those is important. Well, this begs one important question. How much of potassium do we need to take?

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What Is The Recommended Daily Allowance Of Potassium?

The adequate intake of potassium is 1600 – 2000 mg per day. This includes the potassium you get through foods and supplements combined. One great way to meet this requirement is by taking foods rich in potassium.

What Are The Potassium-Rich Foods?

The top 15 foods rich in potassium include:

  1. White Beans (Navy bean or pea bean)
  2. Dried Apricots
  3. Beet Greens (the top part of beetroot)
  4. Prunes (a dried plum)
  5. Spinach
  6. Avocado
  7. Salmon (a type of fish)
  8. Banana
  9. Sweet Potatoes
  10. Acorn Squash
  11. Carrot Juice
  12. Coconut Water
  13. Pomegranate
  14. Yogurt
  15. Swiss Chard (Green leafy vegetable)

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1. White Beans

A cup of white beans contains 3636 mg of potassium and 673 calories. White beans are also a great source of fiber and folate – while the former improves digestive health, the latter is good for brain health and is crucial during pregnancy as well. You can add white beans to your evening soup.

2. Dried Apricots

A serving of dried apricots contains 65 mg of potassium and 120 calories. Dried apricots are also quite rich in non-heme iron, the deficiency of which can cause anemia. You can add them to your oatmeal, breakfast smoothie, with a handful of almonds, or evening fruit salad.

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3. Beet Greens

A cup of beet greens contains 1309 mg of potassium and 39 calories. The zinc in beet greens helps boost immunity. It also strengthens your hair. Beet greens can be added to your evening vegetable salad.

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