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Rock Salt (Induppu)

Rock Salt (Induppu) is another name for the mineral halite which is commonly known as sodium chloride and has a chemical formula NaCl. It is commonly known as table salt or ‘Sendha Namak’ in Hindi.

There is a difference between the rock salt and the common salt that we mostly consume. Induppu is the purest form of rock salt that is available in India in small quantities. Thus, it is costlier than commercial salt. Unlike commercial salt which is iodized, rock salt is more granular with large chunky crystals, has less salty taste and is not chemically processed. It can be used as a healthy substitute of common salt as it is rich in minerals and does not pose health problems like high blood pressure, puffiness in the body or eyes.

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Rock Salt (Induppu) Health Benefits

Aids Digestion

It improves digestion and is a natural way to relieve stomach pain. You can add a few crystals of rock salt and fresh mint leaves to a glass of lassi and obtains the benefits. Rock salt can also be used to cure stomach infections. Prescribed for laxative and digestive disorders. It improves appetite, removes gas.

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Controls Blood Pressure

It helps stabilize blood pressure by maintaining a balance of high and low blood pressures. For people with hypertension, it is a better alternative to table salt as it is high on potassium. In low blood pressure, you can take a half teaspoon of rock salt in a glass of water. You may require taking this remedy twice a day.

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Rock Salt (Induppu)

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Boost Metabolism, Immunity

Metabolism refers to certain chemical reactions in our body that help in maintaining the health of cells and organisms. It can be used to stimulate your body’s metabolism, and ultimately improve the functioning of your body. Also can be used to provide all the essential trace minerals and greatly improves the body’s immune system. It fights harmful bacteria and helps kick illnesses to the curb.

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Skin Health

It helps to shed the dead skin cells and protects the natural layer of your skin, thus resulting in a youthful and glowing skin. Also strengthens the skin tissue to rejuvenate your skin, thus making it look younger and firm.  Massaging your skin with a salt scrub exfoliates and refines your skin, leaving it clean and refreshed and eliminating dead skin cells that cause your skin to look dull. Rock salt is effective in removing yellowness under your nails, thus making them shine beautifully.

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Hair Health

Due to its excellent cleansing properties, rock salt helps in removing dead skin cells and dirt from your hair without stripping off its natural healthy oil. All you need to do is mix salt in your shampoo. Wash your hair with this mixture and rinse with cold water to remove the residue. Make sure not to do the usual lather. You can mix equal parts of your conditioner and rock salt and apply it on your hair. Wash off after 20-30 minutes. This will add volume to your hair.

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