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Rosemary leaves – Herbal Oil – Uses – Medicinal values – Health benefits

Rosemary is a powerful herbs Uses

rosemary plant uses health benefits

Rosemary is a powerful herb belonging to the family Lamiaceae that originates from the Mediterranean region. It is derived from the Latin word ros (dew) and marinus (sea) which means ‘dew of the sea’Today market demand of the plant is growing, as it is used in several commercially available products. Rosemary is composed of pine-like leaves, which is the heart of all medicinal and other benefi ts that are derived from the use of its oil.There are more than 20 varieties of rosemary plant. The different types of rosemary are upright rosemary,Creeping rosemary,Pine scented rosemary…etc

Medicinal uses of rosemary leaves – oil

rosemary leaves oil uses

It is used as carminative, rubefacient, stimulant and as flavouring agent for liniments, hair lotions, inhaler, soaps and cosmetics. Rosemary leaves have many traditional uses based on their antibacterial and spasmolytic actions. Used orally for the treatment of dyspeptic complaints and in external applications for supportive management
of rheumatic complaints and circulatory disorders. Traditionally rosemary is indicated for flatulent dyspepsia, headache, and topically for myalgia, sciatica, and intercostal neuralgia . The German Commission E approved internal use for dyspeptic complaints and external use as supporting therapy for rheumatic diseases and circulatory problems

Rosemary memory booster

RosemaryWhole dried leaves




Brain and nervous system conditions. In general debility long-term nervous or physical illness,improves the memory, insomnia, mental fatigue, nervous anxiety and tension, nervous depression, nervous disorders, restorative effect on the nervous system, soothes the nerves, stimulates the brain and nervous system, tension headaches, and migraines.

Reproductive system conditions. Stimulates the sexual organs.

Cardiovascular conditions. It improves circulation, raises blood pressure, and stimulates the weak heart subject to palpitation when consumed in small doses

 Rosemary is an exotic evergreen shrub with multiple medicinal and cosmetic properties

Rosemary leaves and flower

The oil is used in oils/lotions for Arthritis, bruises, eczema, gout, muscular pain, neuralgia, revitalizing paralysed limbs, rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, sciatica, scrofulous sores, wounds and rubbed into hair for stimulating the hair bulbs to renewed activity and to prevent premature baldness.

Other uses. The oil is used as perfume in ointments,shampoos and soaps. The flowers are laid in clothes and cupboards to destroy moths. The leaves are crushed into meats, fish, potato salads, etc. to prevent food poisoning

Rosemary is an aromatic,evergreen shrub whose leaves are frequently used to flavour foods such as stuffings,pork,roast lamb,chicken,and turkey. Rosemary is an exotic evergreen shrub with multiple medicinal and cosmetic properties. It is popular herb which serves as flavoring agent and spice