Seeds—So tiny, yet so powerful! -Health Booster seeds

Cooking with seeds – Sunflower Seeds-Pumpkin seeds – Flax seeds

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It’s almost like the ingredient we’ve all been ignoring for so long now.  Tiny seeds have been used in savoury and festive sweet preparations in India and they’ve been part of your grandmother’s home remedies for years,now.  Yet,it’s only of late that seeds are increasingly finding their way into culinary preparations.  Full of protein,healthy fats,dietary fibre,vitamins,minerals and more,seeds can add flavour and crunch to everything from breakfast dishes to salads,desserts and yogurts.  Here’s more on these tiny powerhouses..

How to use them in the kitchen

Roasted,pured or plain seeds add flavour and health to dishes.  Here’s more on the culinary trend everyone is dabbling in….

Commonly used as toppings for biscuits or in bread,they’re also an increasingly smarter choice for cooking.Seeds literally have no limits.  They give dishes a wonderful texture.  Earlier,you just used them in breads and may be,a pulao,but now,they’re in syrups,smoothies,cookies,in fact,every thing.  Did you know ground seeds can also replace fat?  And something as simple as pomegranate seeds in a leafy salad can be delicious.

Health Booster seeds

It’s not just for the taste,seeds are also a serious source of nutrition.  “Seeds like pumpkin,flax and sesame can be used in day-to-day cooking.  These seeds have cold pressed oils,so those people worried about their weight and cholesterol can safely eat them.  They increase HDL (good cholesterol which acts as vacuum cleaner and lowers LDL (bad cholesterol),the biggest villain today.  Seeds also have goo fat that improve skin tone and hair

Pumpkin Seeds -packed with nutrition and offer a wide range of health benefits.

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Pumpkin seeds are said to benefit sleep,help lessen the recurrence of kidney stones and bone loss.  A rich source of zinc,some studies say they are also effective at beating depression.  the seeds also have tryptophan,an amino acid that converts to serotonin and finally to melatonin,known as sleep hormone

Best had : Boil seeds in salt water and wipe them.  Drizzle them with oil and salt and roast them in an oven at 320F for 10 minutes

Flax Seeds – Healthy Tiny Seed With Wonderful Nutritional Gift.

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An Excellent Source of Omega-3 and Fiber. Flax seed contains . . .
• Large amounts of OMEGA 3 fatty acid, alpha linolenic acid (ALA) an essential fatty acid (EFA), that our bodies can’t make from other foods .
• Very high amounts of dietary,fiber,both soluble and and insoluble, similar to dietary fiber in other grains for example, oats, wheat, corn, rice, dry beans, soybeans, etc.
• the phytochemicals called lignans,having apparent anti carcinogenic action in animals….and other nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates,minerals – flaxseed is very high potassium

Sun flower seeds – Seeds—so tiny, yet so powerful! 

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Sweet, nutty sunflower seeds have vitamin c, and can aid cardiovascular health.  They also have vitamin E and selenium which prevents cell damage as well as dietary fibre.  The magnesium  in these seeds helps nerves relax,they are said to promote a healthy digestive system.

Best had Raw or roasted. You can also them to pesto or make some sunflower seed butter

Always refrigerate all seeds as they are cold pressed and can get rancid fast in humid weather

Have only a handful of seeds as they are high in fat

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