Soft and tasty Puttu or Steamed rice flour cake recipe


Soft and tasty Ari Puttu or Steamed rice flour cake recipe

Ari Puttu or Steamed rice flour cake recipe is one of the most popular breakfast recipes from Kerala

Puttu or Steamed flour cake can be prepared using rice flour, wheat flour, ragi (horse gram), oats or couscous. Among these, Ari puttu or Steamed rice flour cake is the most extensively prepared Puttu recipe. This dish is usually served with ripe bananas, sugar, Kadala curry or Desi chickpea recipe. Ari Puttu, Cherupayaru curry and pappadam is also one of a popular breakfast recipe combination. The soft and fluffy nature of puttu depends on the moisture of the flour. The use of freshly grated coconut adds up the taste. Puttu is usually cooked in a Puttu kutti or a steamer in cylindrical or dome shape. The lower section of the vessel contains the water and the upper cylindrical portion holds the moisturized flour inserted with the layers of grated coconut. Have a look at the ingredients used and the method of preparation of Ari puttu.

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How to make raw rice flour or Ari podi?
  • Wash the raw rice or Pachari in clean water.
  • Soak the rice for 4-5 hours
  • Wash the rice once again and drain the water.
  • Spread it on a dry cloth for about 25 minutes.
  • Take this rice to a flour mill or grind it using a mixy to a fine flour.
  • Heat the flour on a medium flame and stir it continuously to attain a sandy consistency.
  • Take away from the flame and spread it to cool.
  • Store the flour in an airtight container for further use.

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Ingredients used for making Ari Puttu or Steamed rice flour cake
  • 2 cups or raw rice flour/ Pachari podi
  • 1 cup of Freshly grated coconut
  • 1 cup of water
  • Salt for the taste

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Method of preparation of Ari Puttu or Steamed rice flour cake
  • Take 2 cups of raw rice flour in a mixing bowl and add some salt for the taste.
  • Slowly pour some water. Mix it well. The mixture should be crumbly and moist.
  • Take a handful of moisturized flour and press it between your fists. If it holds its shape and crumbles when you pressed it hard, you can conclude that the mixture is of the right consistency.
  • The flour should be without any lumps. If there are more lumps, sieve the moisturized flour through a fine meshed sieve.
  • Take some water in the puttu pot, heat it to a boil.
  • Meanwhile, layer the Puttu kutti or the cylindrical steamer with some freshly grated coconut.
  • Now, add 2 fistful of prepared flour. Again, sprinkle some grated coconut. Repeat the process until the steamer is full. Spread some grated coconut on top of the flour and close the lid of the steamer.
  • Place the cylindrical steamer on top of the Puttu pot or the water boiler.
  • After some time, you will see some steam escaping through the holes on top of the cylindrical steamer. Reduce the flame to a low-medium level and continue the cooking for another 4-6 minutes.
  • Once you get a flavour of nice puttu recipe, take away the cylindrical tube from the Puttu pot or the water boiler. open it and gently push the puttu using a wooden ladle.
  • Serve it hot with bananas, sugar, Kadala curry or Desi chickpea recipe, Cherupayaru curry and pappadam etc

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